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Hello Ana,

How are you?  I think of you and your pointers most of the time.

I want to share with you an unexpected development: I accepted the offer to teach at Yale University this summer!  The English Language Institute program is for foreign high school juniors and seniors who wish to prepare for college admission requirements, including essay writing, interviewing, SAT, and TOEFL exams.   A lot of work and driving is in store for me but I look forward to the lesson-planning for the course syllabus!

Of all the formats for lesson-planning, I favor your structure most.  Thank you for that.

For ESL classes I teach, the ALL-STAR series has also served me better than STAND-OUT series, so I thank you for asking me to analyze the ALL-STAR.

Have a great summer!

– Celia B.

My experience with TESOL certification and advice to the future generations

The TESOL course has helped me grow professionally and personally. I took the four-week, intensive 120-hour program in New York. This course is designed for both people who already have teaching experience and want to upgrade their knowledge and for people with little or no experience with English language teaching who want to switch their career path and turn to teaching.  It is a demanding course, but it is really worth it.

The staff at the Institute is fully committed and works hard towards helping their students (future teachers) with their daily assignments and lesson plans, observation of their classes and professional advice on where to focus their attention as well as how to handle the classroom by acquiring classroom management knowledge that the teacher needs to have before he/she enters the classroom.  They focus on helping their students in learning how to teach communication skills and how to evaluate their students continuously.

One of the most helpful things that you can bring to TESOL is the ability to take on board what you have learned. You will be given a lot of information.  If you can put all that knowledge into practice, you will become an excellent teacher.

This is not everything. The trainers are committed to helping their trainee teachers to build their teaching career by giving directions which include help with writing their CV, job interview preparation as well as with actual school leads. I was lucky to be one of their students. This experience and their constant support encouraged me to apply for jobs abroad and to experience something different, something outside the box. So starting this year, I will be teaching in Turkey.  After they learned that I have TESOL certification, they offered me a teaching position immediately.  I eventually chose Turkey; however, with the type of TESOL program I completed (with teaching practice), I got job offers from Paris, Spain and Morocco.   Thank you TESOL!!!

– Katerina Mihajloska
Republic of Macedonia


I had been teaching immigrant students informally for sometime before I realized this is what I wanted to do. I wanted people to progress and the world to be able to communicate in order to solve its problems. This is when I took the 120-Hour On-Site TEFL Certification course that opened a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Being able to practice with real students in a real-time classroom was truly priceless.   The dedicated mentor was also an asset, guiding me every step of the way.  I learned many strategies for making the learning experience more natural and fun. I also realized how much I would have missed out on implementing if I had not taken the course.

Every day that I teach students now, I know exactly how to achieve what was once only a thought. Because of TEFL I am able to see the gaps and fill them in. I am so glad I have all these opportunities of bettering not only my own future but others too. The TEFL certification and my experience from the institute have given me the professional outlook I needed.   I am now internationally recognized for what I do which is an achievement in itself.

– Maryam Syed


Even as time passes, I still use what I learned in our TEFL certification course almost daily in my classroom.  I haven’t left the country yet, I am teaching ESL in New York.  I registered for the TEFL course in order to be a better teacher to all those immigrants whose life I personally impact with my work as a teacher.  And I understand that this is only possible if I have the proper qualification.

The best thing about this course was its practical approach to teaching. I believe that the focus on meaningful context and the objectives we set for each class distinguishes me now from teachers I met later on who did not have a comparable training. The number of practice teaching hours for each participating trainee also set this course apart from other similar certificate courses.  The amount of teaching hours had me feel extremely comfortable with EFL students as I walked into the classroom towards the end of the course.  The daily feedback of my peers and the trainers helped me advance rapidly towards higher levels of performance during my instructional practices.

The trainers, by the way, were excellent coaches.  Their support, dedication to teaching, and true interest in my personal progress deserve my deepest respect.

 ITTI’s course is accredited internationally and is respected by schools worldwide.

– Mary Kelly


“What you focus on with your thought and feeling is what you attract into experience”

Everything started in August 2012 when I decided to go to New York and attend the International TEFL Training course.  Around this time, my confidence and self-esteem about becoming a successful English teacher was relatively low because I am a non-native speaker of English.

The program itself, however, along with the encouraging words of my trainer, was the key to dispel my fears and unlock my career perspectives and experiences around the world.

Starting from China right after the end of the course, where I spent one year teaching, I continued working in international schools in Stockholm, Sweden, and volunteering in teaching English in Nairobi, Kenya.

The course gave me a comprehensive methodological knowledge of how to work on proper lesson planning, how to deliver interesting lessons getting all students actively involved, how to establish discipline in the class and, most importantly, it gave me the
possibility to put all this theory into practice by delivering actual ESL lessons to adults at the same time.

The support and guidance I received from my trainer was precise and valuable, driving me to “decide what I want, to believe I can have it, to believe I deserve it and it’s possible for me”.

Quotes from the movie “The Secret” (2006)

–  Elpida Avgeri

Greetings Christine!
Thank you for the e-card. I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear from you.
It is great to be home with my family, but I do miss you, the course and my classmates.
Thank you, Christine, for a wonderful experience. I learned so much, and I enjoyed every minute of the course.
I wish you all the best with your future courses. I do hope our paths meet again.
I will definitely stop by the next time I am in New York. Please know you have a home in Venezuela if your travels ever bring you to my side of the world.

– Ashley

Happy Fall!
How are things in NYC? How are the adult learners and have there been any interesting breakthroughs? Also, as I recall you were setting up a training center in Paris. How is that going? I do hope all is well!

It’s been many months since I was enrolled in your course, and I just wanted to say a big thank you and give you an update! Three months ago, I moved to Taiwan. Within a few days, I secured a role teaching English to elementary school children at an after-school education program. In teaching, I think I found a joy that I did not experience in my prior corporate positions. The work is demanding but so rewarding because my students’ progress is just amazing to watch.
Watching them grow makes me want to push harder to deliver a top-notch lesson plan and/or try to reach them in new ways. I’m enjoying teaching so much, that I have shared this passion with an old teacher of mine, and he is helping me to explore potential roles at my old school!

All the best,
– Monica


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