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TEFL/TESOL in Toronto

iTTi TEFL Center Toronto is located on University Avenue in the financial district of Toronto. Across the street from St. Andrew Station, this location features two floors of beautifully designed lounges, private offices, and conference rooms—plus tons of amenities like around-the-clock cleaning, unlimited micro-roasted coffee, and printing/copying opportunities. After classes, the vibrant underground tunnels of the nearby PATH provide an endless collection of restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment options. Ready to elevate your TEFL study experience? Join us for your TEFL certification in Toronto.

The TEFL trainers are a team of highly qualified teaching professionals with an MA TESOL and years of global experience.  Their graduates teach English in the best schools around the world.

The teaching practice students are immigrants to Canada or simply foreign visitors who want to make the most out of their stay in one of the largest Canadian cities.  They come to the location to be taught there daily.


Course Dates in 2019

  • 20 February – 20 March
  • 25 March – 27 April
  • 1 May – 2 June
  • 8 July – 10 August
  • 15 September – 17 October
  • 20 November – 22 December




Teaching Practice Dates in 2019

  • 20 February – 18 February
  • 25 March – 2 April
  • 1 May – 9 May
  • 8 July – 16 July
  • 15 September – 23 September
  • 20 November – 28 November


The online component of the combined TEFL course can start any day and takes about four weeks if you work on it daily or several times per week.  After you have finished this part, you can now take your teaching practice in Toronto.

Both the 120-Hour Onsite and the 120-Hour Combined TEFL Course are eligible for credits towards a worldwide accredited MA Ed awarded by the European Global School, accredited by ASIC in the United Kingdom.

Canadians are fortunate to have one of the most thriving and well-respected ESL industries in the world. Every year, more than 150,000 international students come to Canada to learn English.  As a result, the demand for TEFL-certified teachers never ends. You can teach English in large organizations with international chains, medium-sized ESL schools with several locations throughout Canada, or family-owned schools. There are opportunities in ESL teaching industry across Canada and other cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary. International demands for TESOL-certified teachers never end, and there are lots of ESL/EFL teachers travelling abroad to teach English every year and they all need to have TESOL certificate.

Although Canada’s largest city, Toronto doesn’t brag about its riches.  It’s a city that hasn’t been discovered by the majority of the visitors to Canada yet.  There are, however, reasons why one would select Toronto over its rivals Vancouver or Montreal.

Toronto has many teaching opportunities for the TEFL-certified teacher.  Cultural diversity is the reason that Toronto is the largest TESOL hub in the world.  Teaching English in the most diverse city of all means that you will have access to jobs, internationally recognized certification, and a large community of teachers to network.  Learn more under Teaching English in Canada.

If you are a TESOL teacher in Toronto, it likely means you have a great appreciation for languages. Take a minute to stand at the corner of most major intersections, and you may hear a different language being spoken every few minutes as the people rush by. Whether it is Urdu, Spanish, French or Chinese, your ear will get proper exposure and exercise!

Apart from languages, the cultural diversity makes Toronto a great place to try delicious dishes from all over the world.

Experience modern Toronto at St. Lawrence Market, Yorkville, Distillery District, and CN Tower. For those who like to learn about past times, visit St. James Cathedral and Royal Ontario Museum. For science buffs there is the Ontario Science Centre. Nature lovers will prefer a visit to Toronto Music Gardens, Toronto Islands, and Scarborough Bluffs Park. And best of all, there is the incredible Niagara Falls just a short trip away, reason enough to come to Toronto.

Apart from sightseeing, Toronto has been ranked #1 among 25 international cities in terms of standard of living, cost of living, safety and job opportunities.  And this has been the case over several years.



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