TEFL in Tangier (Morocco)

TEFL in Tangier / TESOL in Tangier (Morocco)

TEFL in Tangier is an intensive, four-week/120-Hour TEFL Certification program, including 100 hours of theory input with an instructor and an additional 20 hours of an English-teaching practice. Our TEFL/TESOL certification course is worldwide accredited and recognized.  It meets international standards for teacher training with its observed teaching practice.

This TEFL course is the ideal training for those who have little or no teaching experience and who wish to enter the English-teaching profession.

Our TEFL Centre is located in the heart of Tangier close to an area known as Iberia.  The main Boulevard is only a short walk away, where our students will find plenty of places to eat, shop and socialise.   A five-minute taxi ride will get you to the old Medina where students can shop in the old tradition shops where haggling for a good price is a must!

The local beach is nearby and can be reached either by a twenty-minute walk or a five-minute taxi ride.

At our recently appointed Centre, we have the latest modern classrooms with interactive teaching resources.  We provide free Wi-Fi internet access, a lunch room and enclosed gardens with seating for relaxing between classes.  Free Arabic classes are included in the TEFL course fee.  There will also be opportunities for excursions exploring Moroccan culture.


Special Features


  • Free Arabic classes throughout the duration of the TEFL program.
  • Excursions to tourist areas or those areas only frequented by the locals can be arranged by the Centre depending on the interests of the students (costs will be additional and depend on the location and duration of the trip).

(100% on-site training)


2018 – TEFL in Morocco

  • 1st October – 22nd December (part-time 120-hour TEFL w/ 10 hours per week)

2019 – TEFL in Morocco

  • 7th January – 30th March (part-time 120-hour TEFL w/ 10 hours per week)
  • 15th April – 6th July (part-time 120-hour TEFL w/ 10 hours per week)

Course Fee

  • Total course fee:$1,500
  • Deposit: US $375 (due at the time of registration)
  • Balance payment: US $1,125 (due 30 days before the first day of the course)

This course is eligible for two credits towards an MA Ed.  In addition, the three years required teaching experience for this degree will be waived.



TEFL jobs abound in Tangier, Morocco’s northernmost city, with a population of almost 1 million.  Teach-English-abroad jobs are readily available to the well-trained, certified TEFL teacher.  In order to apply for a work visa and job in Morocco, a 120-Hour TEFL Certificate is a must.

TEFL schools in Tangier typically offer a workload of around 20 hours per week, leaving teachers plenty of opportunities to travel and explore.

The EFL students are most likely business professionals, adult language learners, and children in public schools or in private language centers.  Due to the increasing relocation of international manufacturing companies to Northern Morocco, the demand for English learning in the workplace is high and continuing to grow.

As part of the benefit package, some schools may offer medical insurance and provide a return flight after completion of a two-year contract; however, most will pay just a standard monthly salary.

Discover Morocco

Once described as the crossroads of the world, Morocco offers a country of extreme geographical contrasts from the unspoilt beaches on both its Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, to the deserts of the Sahara and the forested Atlas Mountains.  Morocco is home to strong Arabic traditions, bustling medieval cities and souks alongside the latest modern shopping malls.  With its mix of European, Asian and African cultures, it offers the opportunity for a perfect adventure.


One of the most famous destinations in Morocco is Tangier, which has a character all of its own. Tangier stands at the gateway to the African continent from Europe looking out onto the Strait of Gibraltar, which you can see on a clear day.  Tangier is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures: North Africans, French, Spanish and Portuguese along with a smattering of other European nationals.  During the early to mid-20th century, Tangier was pat times under the administration of several countries. It was during this time that many Westerners settled there, and the city became a place of political, literary and artistic renown.

Tangier is now a City which is undergoing dramatic transformation following substantial investment into the city. New shopping malls and an improved beach front have added to its touristic appeal along with improved transport links with a soon-to-be-opening Marina and TGV high-speed rail link.  Visitors to Tangier can explore the famous souks, explore the latest shopping malls or relax on its unspoilt beaches.

Weather in Morocco

The weather in Tangier is unlike the rest of Morocco with a local saying translating to “four seasons in one day”!  In general, between May and September, the temperatures on the coast are mid 20 to mid 30 degrees Celsius.  The wind, at any time from either the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, can make the hot days a little more bearable with lots of Moroccans who live in cities preferring to travel to the much cooler coast.  Rain is unusual during these months. The temperature drops during October reaching around 5 – 10 degrees during the winter.



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