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Our three TEFL-TESOL training centers are located in Togliatti, a smaller, very attractive city in the Samara Region of Russia. The Samara Region is in the southeastern part of the country at the confluence of the Samara and Volga Rivers. Togliatti is one of the largest centers of the Russian automotive industry.   Here they build the Italian Fiat under the name of Lada. TEFL training is accommodated in a modern building downtown. The school features smaller and larger classrooms, a large reception area and comfortable seating spaces where students wait for their classes.

TEFL classes run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, TEFL trainees are expected to study between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Except Fridays, all othertraining days feature an hour lunch and a few short breaks in between. The students for the practical teaching are Russians from Togliatti. They come to the school to be taught.

Our TEFL instructors have been professionally trained and certified by academic experts of iTTi international TEFL Training institute in New York over months using advanced, modern, state-of-the art methodology to bring out the best in our prospective English teacher graduates. Our goal is to train teachers who create classroom experiences for EFL students that will want to make them come back to their English classes with joy and enthusiasm over and over. Our professional training team is a combination of both locally and internationally trained and certified TEFL instructors. All our professional staff have post-graduate degrees, excellent teaching skills as well as a wealth of teaching and training experience in Russia and abroad. Supported by highly educated, experienced teacher trainers from the U.S. and the UK, our center ensures a top level of quality assurance during the training process. The work of the TEFL instructors is monitored by the headquarter in New York on a monthly basis. The course is the same as taught in other iTTi
centers around the world.

Our program comes with state-of-the-art career support. Russia needs excellent English teachers. There are endless employment opportunities here alone. If you wish, however, to work in other countries, there are many jobs available everywhere. The English-teaching industry is booming worldwide. There is no shortage of TEFL jobs wherever you wish to go. An important part of our TEFL training consists in helping you land the job in your dream destination. For our trainees and trainers within Russia and beyond, we ensure that professional teaching training and support goes beyond certification as they become our ambassadors for life. We provide apprenticeship, maintain a pool or roster of TEFL/TESOL Teachers and liaise with our TEFL/TESOL recruitment partners in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and elsewhere in Asia. Our level of assurance is high and most of our graduates are recruited. However, guarantee is not absolute but depends on how our graduates perform on stage. The recruitment by recruiters may be rigid and vigorous and that’s why our local as well as international experts and experience ensure we give the best advice to our graduates and prepare them professional to make the difference and impact on the recruiters.


Total Course Fee: US $1,300

Deposit:  US $500  Balance payment: US $800 (7 days before course start)

Course Dates for Onsite Training

  • 3 April – 26 April 2019
  • 14 July – 7 July 2019
  • 2 September – 27 September 2019
  • 1 October – 31 October 2019
  • 4 November – 29 November 2019


120-HOUR  COMBINED TEFL/TESOL TRAINING (75% online/25% onsite)

Total Course Fee: US $1,300

Deposit: US $500     Balance Payment: $800 (seven days before start of the teaching practicum in Togliatti)

Course Dates for Onsite Teaching Practice

  • 3 April – 12 April 2019
  • 14 July – 22 July 2019
  • 2 September – 10 September 2019
  • 1 October – 9 October 2019
  • 4 November – 12 November 2019

Both certification types are awarded the same certificate and are eligible for credit towards an MA Ed.  Both courses come with full career support for either a teaching position in Russia or in any other country worldwide.

Get certified in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). These two certifications are similar, with the former being used at U.K. language schools, whereas the latter is widely used by Americans. It is still possible in Russia to get a teaching position by simply being a native speaker of English because the country is not yet saturated with English teachers. Many institutions, however, will not accept you. They require a TEFL/TESOL certificate. Russian culture values educational credentials. And those without it get compensated at lower rates.

English is the new kid on the block in Russia. Despite most people having studied it at school for 5 years, and many going on to learn it at college or university, the level of teaching at these stages is poor, as is the students’ motivation. Once in the workforce, they begin to wish they had paid more attention to their English studies, and that’s where the adult education process begins. People are also recognizing how important it is for their children to learn, and there is an equally large demand for teaching children of all ages.  Here are the different English language teaching positions available.

Language Schools

The most popular, and probably the easiest to access, is the language school. Most offer only English; some also teach other languages. They teach all kinds of students, from children to adults, to anyone who will pay. The contract packages vary depending on experience and qualifications, but are, on balance, much the same. Some schools offer a monthly salary plus share accommodation. An included apartment, even if not centrally located, can be a real advantage, especially as a newcomer to Russia. Rental accommodation is at a premium, and prices are skyrocketing. Other schools offer a salary plus accommodation allowance. If you manage to find somewhere cheap to live, you can pocket the difference. Either way, the basic
salary is enough to survive on, but you definitely have to budget well.

Teaching Business English

With Russia opening its markets to the international community, the importance of speaking English is ever rising. Teaching credentials, a professional approach, the demonstrated ability to relate to the clients’ business and flexibility with the time are pre-requisites for a successful business English teacher in Russia. As business English classes usually take place on the clients’ premises, lots of travel is involved. A full-time contract amounts to 24 hours weekly. Salary packages run approximately US $1,500.

Teaching English at a School

While in language schools you primarily face adults or teenagers, at schools you work exclusively with children. To land a job at a regular school requires teaching qualification. Private schools often like to offer English with native speakers but would like to see some
experience in working with children. Their student body consists of Russians or children of expats.

Damien, a 26-year-old American, recently changed his job to teaching in a regular school.   He now earns around $3000 plus accommodation. Although he lives outside of Moscow, he keeps an apartment in the city for weekends.  Besides the qualifications and references required, this kind of teaching is not for everyone. You have to work with large classes and have excellent classroom management skills.

Private English Teaching

Most English teachers here try to supplement their incomes by teaching English privately. Word of mouth is the best way to get students. Rates vary according to your qualifications and how wealthy your student is. The average is around $30/hour. Some teachers manage to go on vacation with their clients; others dine in fine restaurants or spend the weekend with them—speaking English all the time. A more reliable way to gain access to students outside a contract is by freelancing for schools. The hourly rate is somewhere closer to $15, and you will probably teach at a business rather than a home. This rate can go up substantially, after you have developed a relationship with the school you work for. Your reliability and feedback from students can see you move towards $20-$25 per hour. While the compensation rate seems to be very attractive, teaching privately has its risks. For starters, you have to organize and pay for your own visa and find your own accommodation, etc. You also risk not being paid for cancellations, unless you have a system of prepaying
classes in place. And you earn nothing for holidays; so you have to budget and save for snowy days.

Your Contract

The first few months can be a little tricky in terms of money. After you have paid for your airfare and for your visa, you will now match estimated cost of living with the real amount you need. In the majority of cases, the real rewards come at the end of a contract, when the last month’s salary, flight reimbursement and the cost to obtain a visa are paid. Some schools even offer a bonus amount for successful completion of a contract. Most schools or private employers (for nannies) will arrange and pay for your invitation and visa, although some will merely reimburse you for it. Most schools will also help you secure accommodation if they don’t include it in your package. They are used to dealing with foreign teachers and their settling-in issue.

Samara region is a federal district of Russia located in the southeastern part of European Russia, in the middle reaches of the Volga River, part of the Volga Federal District. The population of Samara oblast is about 3,205,000, the area – 53,565 sq. km. Within this great
region there is a very attractive city named Togliatti, «the green city» as it is called because of many green trees during Summer and it is the second largest city in the region with many cultural and archeology monuments, museums and theatres. Togliatti is included in the list of Historical Settlements of the Russian Federation. The most developed areas for tourism are sightseeing, river cruises along the Volga River, medical and recreational sanatoriums, ecological Green Zone Areas, various cultural as well as festival events throughout the year, rural and ethnographic tourism, bicycle, sport and horse routes. It is a city full of life and glamour all throughout the year.

Togliatti is 281 years old. The climate is moderately continental. The average temperature in July is 20.7⁰ C above zero, in January – 13.8⁰ C below zero on average.


But first of all, Togliatti is a large industrial and business investment junction of the region. About 60% of the total output production of the Samara Region is produced in this great city. Major Russian manufacturing enterprises such as machinery and chemical industries form the fundamental basis of the city’s economic base. These products are in great demand by both the Russian and international markets. Globally, the city is well known by the international community as the hub of Russia’s largest car manufacturer, the AvtoVAZ (LADA), founded in the late 1960s.


Togliatti is full of friendly people who are open to business and educational investment programs and opportunities. The regional administrative municipalities are flexible and are open to all forms of good business investments. The city is hosting lots of local and foreign investments forums, seminars and training workshops and the human capital base is highly developed. English and other language training centers are in high demand. High demand for professional teachers of English, especially trained and certified TEFL/TESOL graduates/holders from any internationally reputable, respected, recognized and accredited institution like ITTI School of English with headquarters in Manhattan, New York, USA and which has its golden prints across all the continents today.


Trained, qualified, internationally certified teachers of English are in short supply in Russia, the largest country in the world. As a result, such a shortage triggers the cost of teaching English. Also, the Russian State Exam would be compulsory for all students planning to advance their careers to university level either locally or internationally. Though, the Federal State has passed the bill, yet properly trained teachers of English are less than 1%. Thus the demand for specialist teachers of English would need to be backed by the support of qualified TEFL/TESOL teachers of English who would be able to help young learners overcome the rigorous challenge of the Russian State Exam in English Benchmark. In this region thus, our centers provide golden opportunities to be trained by ITTI Experts/Specialist in Teaching English as well as support professional career growth and employment within Russia and beyond. On this note: You are welcome to Togliatti-Samara!


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