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TEFL / TESOL in Pattaya (Thailand)

TEFL in Pattaya / TESOL in Pattaya (Thailand)

Pattaya is one of the largest cities in the world. Our school in Pattaya is located about halfway between Don Muang Airport and the center of the city. Unlike the overcrowded downtown district, it is a quieter place to learn and study.

The school is equipped with spacious classrooms and provides for everything TEFL students need to have to secure ample learning: computer access, Internet connection, a printer, and a copy machine.  The school also has a selection of books available to the trainees to promote additional learning.

Due to the different school system in Thailand, the TEFL certification course operates on a six-week schedule with approximately five hours of course load daily.  This time doesn’t include homework. Being there a little longer gives you some extra time to discover the difficulties Thai people have when they learn English.  Besides that, you will gain more experience of living in a non-English speaking country and exploring its culture.


Dates in 2016
  • • 31 October – 18 November


120-Hour On-Site TEFL Certification

  • • Total course fee: $1,600
  • • Deposit: US $800  (due at the time of registration)
  • • Balance payment: US $800  (due 30 days before the first course day)

The demand for professional English language skills is constantly rising in Thailand; however, the English language skills of Thai teachers are far from being perfect. As a result, there is a huge amount of part or full-time English teaching positions available to qualified, TEFL-certified teachers.

Teaching positions are available at both government and private, international schools, mostly in the areas of Bangkok or other larger cities, e.g.  Pattaya. Most TEFL teaching positions require that the applicant is a native English speaker; however, in order to cover the rising demand, many Thai schools accept non-native English speakers, as well as applicants from countries where English is an official second language.

The most basic requirement for finding a teaching position in Thailand is a 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate. It’s a prerequisite for obtaining a work visa in Thailand. You can easily become TEFL certified in either your home country, in Thailand or even on line.

Thailand-PattayaWhile it may still be possible to find a teaching position without proper certification, no contract and work permit could be offered to such applicants due to work visa laws. Please note that, in order to teach English in Thailand legally, you will need to obtain a regular Thai business visa and apply for a work permit. Without visa assistance provided by the employer, you wouldn’t be able to apply for the necessary work permit – in which case you would be considered illegal by Thai law and subject you to the permanent risk of harsh fines and even deportation. The times of buying fake college degrees or TEFL/TESOL certificates on Bangkok’s Khao San Road have long gone by. Besides, due to the low cost of professional TEFL certification courses, why would anyone want to take that risk?

A final word about the pay for English teachers in Thailand! Unless you’re highly qualified or have well documented English teaching experience and find a position at a quality international school or university, payment for teaching jobs is relatively low in Thailand and doesn’t compare to the income of EFL teachers in wealthier Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan or South Korea. You may expect a salary between 20,000 and 50,000 Baht a month; in case of part-time teaching positions (or “employment” without regular contracts) even less. On the other hand, as the cost of living in Thailand is relatively low, an average English teacher’s salary may take you a long way in Thailand if you don’t maintain a tourist-like lifestyle.

There is a sign you pass coming into town that says, “Welcome to Pattaya, the Extreme City.”  That pretty much says it all.  Pattaya has changed from an old military R&R site to a town with “something for everyone.”   Whatever your tastes, Pattaya has it all.   A full array of water sports is available to the tourists: from swimming to scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, kite surfing, and the list goes on.  As a major international tourist resort, you will find a host of the best restaurants anywhere and from any nationality you prefer. You can explore temples, hold a baby tiger, ride an elephant, bungy jump, go to the movies, go bowling, or experience some of the best nightlife in all of Asia.  “If you can’t find it in Pattaya, it doesn’t exist.” In addition to all this, there is the Thai experience itself.

Here you meet truly warm, friendly people with some of the best, and least expensive, food in the world.   For less than a dollar, you can have a great Thai lunch.  If you want to explore other parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia, Pattaya is only two hours away from Bangkok, the nation’s capital and a major air hub for all of Southeast Asia.



Annual average temperatures don’t change significantly in Thailand. Average highs are roughly between 30 and 35°C (90 and 95°F) and average lows between 20 and 27°C (70 and 81°F). Humidity is rather low during the winter months (November to January). This is what makes them the favorite holiday season for most Western tourists.


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