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TEFL / TESOL in Parana (Argentina)

TEFL in Parana / TESOL in Parana (Argentina)

Our TEFL training center is accommodated in a language center located in the center of Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Originally dedicated to the teaching of English as a foreign language only, the school has been delivering Spanish language classes to foreign students for quite some time.

The training center features ten classrooms and is only two blocks away from the town center with restaurants and shopping. It also has a library and a patio area for lunches and parties.

Special  Features

The center offers extracurricular activities, so the students can get to know the traditions, art and entertainment of a typical Argentine city. Such activities include the following:

  • • Taking part in volunteering with children.
  • • Watching an Argentine film.
  • • Learn to drink mate with staff and classmates.
  • • Eating with Argentine and foreign students and staff.
  • • Preparing some typical, quick Argentine food.
  • • Attending a traditional music concert.
  • • Visiting local craft fairs.
  • • Tour the city and visit historical buildings in town.
  • • Tours and horseback riding to enjoy the wild vegetation.
  • • Fishing by our Paraná river front.
  • • Other typical activities by the river front: biking, jogging walking, camping, sailing.

Optional activities with low extra charge:
Tango classes – salsa classes – folklore classes – cooking classes – weekend trips – sailing tours – hunting tours – eating out to try ‘asados’ and the typical Paraná river fish – pubs and night clubs.

120-Hour On-Site TESOL Certification


Deposit: $500  due at the time of registration.  Balance payment: $1,500 due 30 days before course start

2018 Dates

    5 March – 30 March

      30 April – 25 May

        4 June – 29 June

          2 July – 27 July

            6 August – 31 August

              3 September – 28 September

                1 October – 26 October


                  120-Hour Combined TESOL Certification 
                  (75% on-line/25% on-site training)

                  Total tuition: $1,675

                  Deposit: $600  due at registration

                  Tuition balance: $1,075 due seven days before the start of the teaching practice

                  This is an on-line/on-site combination course.  The online section can start any day.  You can work at your own pace–fast or slowly.  If you register for teaching practice and cannot finish the online part, you can change the date of your teaching practice.  Due to the teaching practice, the certificate is the same as the on-site certificate.

                  2018 Teaching Practice Dates

                  • 5 March – 13 March
                  • 30 April – 8 May
                  • 4 June – 12 June
                  • 2 July – 10 July
                  • 6 August – 14 August
                  • 3 September – 11 September
                  • 1 October – 9 October

                  Qualification Requirements
                  You don’t need a degree to teach in most private Argentinean language schools. State-run schools and bilingual schools, however, require a degree from a Teacher Training College (Instituto del Profesorado) unless there is a shortage of degree-qualified teachers. Most private language schools require TEFL qualification. The demand for English teachers in Argentina is higher than supply. At times, requirements do not tend to be very strict.

                  Work Permits
                  It is not easy for foreign teachers to work in state-run schools. In the private sector, a work permit is required; however, there are no nationality or age restrictions. Your employer will have to apply for the work permit for you. These are issued by the National Directorate of Migration.

                  Job Locations
                  Buenos Aires is the easiest place to find work, as well as other big cities such as Cordoba, Rosario and Mar del Plata. Demand for English teachers is high.

                  Contacting schools directly and, if you’re already in Argentina, going door-to-door, seems to be the preferred way to find work. Advertisements sometimes appear in newspapers (Clarin, La Nacion, Buenos Aires Herald) as well as their online versions, and many jobs are posted internally at language schools and universities. If you take a TEFL course in Argentina your instructors will typically recommend you potential employers. Word of mouth and recommendations from other teachers are also common.

                  If you are still in your home country, a good place to search for teaching jobs in Argentina is the Craigslist, seriousteachers.com, eslbase.com, etc.

                  An excellent way of finding a job in Argentina is to register for our career support center. Here schools from all over the world advertise their job openings for you to look at and to apply instantly. We have already checked the schools for you.

                  Job Search Timing
                  There is always job season in Argentina, as the country experiences a lack of English teachers. You will probably have to turn down a lot of jobs. A good time to find work is February through March, as the school year in Argentina begins in March. Private language schools and those that work primarily with companies recruit all year round.

                  A good season to look for private lessons is either February through March, June through July or November and December when students must prepare for exams.

                  Salaries and Working Conditions
                  A teacher working full time can expect to earn about 3000-4000 ARS depending on the city and region. If paid hourly, rates at language schools can be anywhere from 20-70 ARS. The first 10,800 ARS is non-taxable; then the rate is 9% for the next 10,000 ARS and 14% for the following 10,000 after that.

                  Expect to work 25 hours a week. Split shifts are as common as afternoon and evening shifts at private language schools.

                  Teaching Privately
                  To build up a network of private students requires some patience. Word of mouth and advertising locally in newspapers and on websites such as Craigslist seem to be the best ways. In general, the longer you are in Argentina, the more contacts you will have.

                  Average Cost of Living


                  Typical Cost

                  a cup of coffee

                  10-15 ARS

                  a beer

                  15-20 ARS

                  a cinema ticket

                  30-40 ARS

                  a meal in an average restaurant

                  50-80 ARS

                  a month’s rent

                  1200-2000 ARS for a one-bedroom apartment

                  a bus ticket

                  1.40 ARS or 3 ARS within Buenos Aires

                  a pair of jeans

                  150 ARS

                  1kg of tomatoes

                  12 ARS

                  a subway ticket

                  2.5 ARS

                  a one-way bus ticket from Buenos Aires to Mendoza

                  300 ARS

                  a return flight from Florianopolis to Buenos Aires

                  1500 ARS

                  As is with all of South America, you will not go there to create a huge savings package; you will go there to have fun. What you will take home are the memories of all the wonderful experiences you had with a great, warm-hearted crowd. And it will make Argentina a place to return to over and over again.

                  The city is connected to the city of Santa Fe on the other side of the Entre Ríos by the Hernandarias Subfluvial Tunnel inaugurated in 1969. The General Justo José de Urquiza Airport is 7.5 kilometers from the city and services regular flights to Buenos Aires.

                  Paraná is easy to reach from Buenos Aires and features a small-town atmosphere. While many students prefer the big-city life in Buenos Aires, Paraná provides a quieter atmosphere, with a slower pace and cleaner air. Most shops, bars and restaurants are a short walk from the school or your hotel.

                  What makes Parana a perfect place to stay?

                  • • Paraná is an outdoor activity paradise with fishing, hunting, horseback riding, jogging, trekking.
                  • • People in Paraná love to eat in great restaurants and party in night clubs throughout the city.
                  • • Prices are considerably lower than in Buenos Aires.
                  • • Being in contact with nature helps students improve their memory and attention.
                  • • Small towns have less stress and anxiety; you will see more pleasant attitudes in its citizens.

                  Parana Weather

                  Northern Argentina is subtropical and has rain throughout the year. The Tierra del Fuego in the south has a sub-arctic climate. The main central area is temperate, but can be hot and humid during summer, which is December to February, and is cool in winter. Paraná weather is similar to the one of New York.

                  The seasons are opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer months are October – April with temperatures ranging 70 – 90 degrees F. The winter months are December – March with temperatures ranging from 40 – 60 degrees F.

                  Some averages for Parana:

                  • • The warmest months are January, February and December.
                  • • Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in January, February, March, April, October, November and December.
                  • • The coolest month is July.
                  • • March is the wettest month.
                  • • July is the driest month.

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