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Our training center is located in central Osaka. The bustling metropolis of Osaka, while having a mega-city scale to it, is still home to many cultural and traditional locations, temples, shrines, parks, and all the things that make Japan an incredible launching platform for your ESL career.

Our training center offers internet access in a suitable classroom environment, located near all amenities. Led by a professional long-term ESL teacher, and business owner of language schools in Japan, students will learn the ins and outs of delivering high quality interactive lessons for students of all ages, while also getting some insight as to how ESL schools run, and what real employers require of prospective new teachers. Developing capable and confident instructors is our mission, and feedback and support is given to all members to ensure that they have the best possible success both in leading classes, as well as managing issues that crop up from time to time in the ESL field.

There is a pressing need for ESL teachers to have the certifications necessary to apply for visa status to work as a language teacher in Japan. While many local school boards receive applications from all over the world, the processes and determining factors that grant successful visa applications often rests not only on relevant degrees in the Arts or Education, but also in ESL certifications attached to those applications. A TEFL / TESOL certification is a powerful element, and often a convincing document that illustrates the seriousness of visa applicants, paving the way and opening the door to the ESL industry.

The Ministry of Education and Science in Japan has proposed an aggressive and progressive increase in the hours and expected outcomes for English education in elementary schools, and higher standards are required for the year 2020. What is needed are new teachers with proper credentials to meet this challenge.

Special Features
Having had considerable first-hand experience both in working as interviewers for ESL teacher positions, including the illustrious JET Program which is sponsored by the Japanese Government, we will provide advice and counsel how to craft your applications and resume.

We are also currently working with a network of ESL language schools, as well as other hospitality and service industries throughout Japan and can refer you directly to those company and school owners who are currently seeking new teachers and staff.

Course price

Total price of the course:   US $ 1,995

Deposit:   US $ 500 (at the time of registration)
Payment of the balance:   US $ 1,495 (for five working days before the first day of the course) The
price of the course covers registration, certificate and moderation.

Dates of the course in 2018

July 6 – July 30

You may have had this dream since you were a kid. You have long been attracted to or fascinated with some elements of the Japanese culture, the food, the language, the martial arts, or the pop culture. You may be looking to do something unique and special before settling in for a career. Or, you may be coming out of one career and looking to start something new, something completely different on the other side of the world.

These are all the great motivations we have heard from our students over the years. Japan has attracted them to see and try an entirely different way of living. You have heard some things about Japan but now you would like to see with your own eyes, and experience the culture with your own senses.

It is no wonder why Japan is a highly sought-after location for language teachers. The country is clean and efficient. The food is delicious. The people are kind and courteous. Good manners and treating other people with mutual respect is commonplace. There are opportunities for people who are kind, who know how to cooperate and be flexible, and who can keep a cheerful disposition even when faced with challenges.

The quality of life is high, and the environment cannot be beat. The temperatures are mild and each season brings with it its own unique personality. Housing costs, outside of the mega- metropolises are quite reasonable, and it is very possible to save substantially as your career develops and evolves. Many people come to Japan to resolve their student debt, set aside money to travel throughout Asia and Europe, or plan to make major purchases for the future.

It all depends on you. Are you ready to make Japan your home away from home?

Osaka, like Tokyo, is a major city. But unlike Tokyo (which is also wonderful, by the way), Osaka is the natural hub of Japan, and the center of access to all points in the nation. From Osaka, you can travel by train and within an hour be in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, and home of a thousand temples and shrines. From Osaka, by train, within two hours, you can be on the island of Shikoku and wander the pilgrimage of the great Buddhist priest Kukai. From Osaka, you can board an airplane bound for Okinawa, and enjoy the white sand beaches and tropical culture of those islands. From Osaka, you can also fly in and out to points all over South-East Asia and Europe.



Osaka itself is full of all modern conveniences. Electronics shops, karaoke, and cafes of all sorts can be found in the city. While people of Osaka have a healthy pride of their own city, as demonstrated in the deep love of their major league baseball team, The Hanshin Tigers, the city remains also home to people from all over the world. It will be easy enough to find dining options from all over the planet, should you need a brief change from Japanese cuisine. The area of Doutonbori is a very popular dining area and is lit up at night in all neon colors. Osaka boasts of a magnificent castle, that should be visited when you have time to wander about. Keeping its original form and style, it still stands like a beacon of the samurai age, and welcomes visitors to go inside and see for themselves a world that existed so long ago. In Osaka you can still find elements of an ancient culture in tea ceremony, traditional theater like Noh and Kabuki, martial arts including sumo tournaments, archery, pottery, calligraphy, flower arrangement, kimono, and many other fine arts.



In your recreation time you will find yourself fully occupied exploring the downtown area, replete with winding streets and side roads. You could ride the famous Tempozan Ferris Wheel, visit the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan to see whale sharks, see performances at the Nanba Grand Kagetsu or National Bunraku Theater, and perhaps even spend a day at Universal Studios Japan. No two days are alike in Osaka, as there are literally hundreds of different things to see and experience.



Osaka is the well-spring from which so much of both Japan’s ancient world and modern life come from. The city never sleeps at night, but yet cultivates and maintains so much of a traditional way of life. The cultural experiences, along with the people you meet along the way, may change your life. You may see yourself walking the streets of Osaka and Kyoto in your imagination, but it takes only a short step forward to make it very real.



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