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TEFL / TESOL in Mato Grosso Do Sul

iTTi Bonito/Pantanal is located in the heart of the Brazilian Midwest region.  The school  offers a cozy atmosphere in a pleasant environment.   Highly qualified TEFL training professionals are dedicated to transforming your learning experience and acquisition of your International TEFL/TESOL certificate into a memorable adventure.

Just 1.5 km away from the international airport and 4 km from the center of Campo Grande MS, Mato Grosso is the gateway to one of the biggest and best ecotourism destinations in the world: Pantanal and Bonito MS.

The school is a partner of local tourism agencies.  In cooperation with them, the school  will not only provide the students with TEFL certification but also exciting sightseeing tours into Bonito MS and Pantanal.

(100% on-site training)

Total course fee: US $1,100

Deposit: US $275 (due upon registration)

Balance payment: US $825 (due five business days before the first day of the course)

Course fee covers tuition, certificate and moderation.

Course Dates in 2018
  • 8 January – 2 February
  • 5 February – 2 March
  • 30 April – 25 May
  • 4 June – 29 June
  • 2 July – 27 July
  • 6 August – 31 August
  • 4 September – 28 September
  • 1 October – 26 October
  • 29 October – 23 November
  • 26 November – 21 December

(75% on line/25% on site training)

Total course fee: US $1,100

Deposit: US $350 (due upon registration)

Balance payment: US $750 (due five business days before the first day of teaching practice)

Course fee covers tuition, certificate and moderation.  The certificate is the same as the on-site program certificate.

Teaching Practice Dates 2018
  • 8 January – 16 January
  • 5 February – 13 February
  • 30 April – 8 May
  • 4 June – 12 June
  • 2 July – 10 July
  • 6 August – 14 August
  • 3 September – 12 September
  • 1 October – 9 October
  • 29 October – 6 November
  • 26 November – 4 December


Teaching English in Brazil has dramatically expanded due to global trade and the expansion of tourism. In addition to providing internationally recognized TEFL certification, which will open the doors to the world and provide you with the opportunity to teach English abroad, iTTi will assist in creating your curriculum vitae, referring you to partner schools in Brazil and abroad, help you with information about obtaining a work visa, as well as provide you with a letter of reference if your performance on the program is adequate.

Average Salary of English Teachers

With an average salary of four thousand Reais (BRL), the qualified English teacher is a professional with a range of excellent work opportunities throughout Brazil.

Degree Requirements

While it is possible for TEFL /TESOL-certified teachers without a bachelor’s degree to teach in Brazil, those with a four-year degree are preferred. TEFL certification is usually required.  Most English teaching jobs are concentrated in the larger cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife, Salvador, and Brasilia.

How to find a job

There may be exceptions here and there; however, most Brazilian schools hire teachers face to face.  There are four ways of finding a job:

  1. Word of mouth – Talk to other English teachers.
  2. Walk around – You will discover a lot of English schools on your way.
  3. On-line directories – Explore them for schools/jobs in your area.
  4. Google maps – Search for English schools.

How to make serious money while teaching English

Clearly, the best way to make money as an English teacher in Brazil is to teach ESP (English for specific purposes) such as English for law professionals, for doctors, or for finance experts. These specializations allow teachers to charge significantly higher rates, usually in the R$70 to R$100/hour range.

Where should I go in Brazil?

The highest salaries are available in Sao Paulo; however, it’s also the tenth most expensive city in the world.  Traffic there is difficult, so you’ll waste a lot of time traveling around.  Rio de Janeiro follows Sao Paulo in terms of cost of living.  As a beach fan, you’ll need to make money there to keep up with your expenses.  Not-so-famous cities like Belo Horizonte or Florianopolis offer a nice compromise.  The cost of living is significantly lower than in Rio or São Paulo, and you can make just as much teaching English there as you can in Rio.

Mato Grosso was once Brazil’s wild west, a land known only to explorers, indigenous hunters, poachers, gold seekers and naturalists. Today, some of Brazil’s most photogenic wildlife and incredible scenery make it a prime destination for ecotourists and anglers.

Mato Grosso do Sul is a young state and in full development.  The quality of life here is among the best in Brazil.  There is low unemployment, an extremely low crime  and a high literacy rate. Due to the fertile soil and the rapid growth of crops,  Brazil has become a worl-leading exporter of food and has attracted European farmers who made considerable investments in the area.

In addition to the booming agribusiness, the state presents one of the most magnificent natural scenery in Latin America, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world: Pantanal and Bonito feature pristine rivers, breathtaking waterfalls and abundant wildlife.  They belong to the most visited areas in Brazil and create their riches through tourism.

Climate in Mato Grosso do Sul

The tropical climate of Mato Grosso do Sul causes the temperature to oscillate between 18 and 35 degrees Celsius throughout the year, with basically two well-defined seasons: a warm and dry season (from October to March) and a cold and rainy season (from May to October), but with pleasant temperatures and the need for light clothing.

You can combine studies with excursions to the most famous tourist destinations in Brazil and abroad, or teach English while traveling, making money and getting to know fascinating places!


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