TEFL-in-Marrakesh TEFL in Marrakesh (Morocco)

TEFL / TESOL in Marrakesh (Morocco)

TEFL in Marrakesh / TESOL in Marrakesh (Morocco)

The course in Marrakesh is an intensive four-week/120-hour program, including 100 hours of theory input with an instructor and an additional 20 hours of an English-teaching practicum. Our TEFL/TESOL certification course is worldwide acknowledged and meets international standards with its observed teaching practice.

This course is the ideal training for those who have little or no teaching experience and who wish to enter the English-teaching profession.

The school is located close to the crowded city center in the “Ville Nouvelle.” Many restaurants, cafés, galleries and boutiques are accessible to our students there.

We provide free Wi-Fi internet access, a lunch room, and an extensive library in the training center. Three hours of “Survival Arabic” are included in the course fee. There will also be opportunities for excursions exploring Moroccan culture.


Three complimentary classes of survival Arabic.

(100% on-site training)

Course Dates in 2017
  • 7 January – 17 March
  • 8 April – 14 June
  • 26 June – 27 July
  • 2 September – 30 September
  • 7 October – 17 December
Course Fee

• Total course fee: $1,920

  • • Deposit: US $920  (due at the time of registration)
  • • Balance payment: US $1,000  (due 30 days before the first course day)

Marrakesh is Morocco’s second largest city, and its population continues to rise. English-teaching jobs abound.  In order to apply for a work visa and job in Morocco, a 120-Hour TEFL Certificate is a must.

Schools in Marrakesh typically offer a workload of around 20-25 hours per week, leaving teachers plenty of opportunities to travel and explore.

The students are most likely business professionals, adult language learners, and children in public schools or in private language centers.

As part of the benefit package, some schools may offer medical insurance and pay you a return flight after completion of a two-year contract.

An alluring combination of Arab, Berber and African cultures, Morocco’s enigmatic charm has attracted numerous artists, musicians, and writers to its charismatic villages and awesome beaches throughout history. From beautiful shorelines and medieval medinas to the trekker’s paradise of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco offers a broad array of cultural treasures and natural attractions.

The center of Marrakesh is the famous square, Djemaa el-Fna, which is packed with entertainers such as acrobats, drummers, dancers, pipe musicians, comedians and storytellers. After you have had your fill of entertainment there, you may head into Marrakesh’s maze of covered street markets. In the evening, about 100 small restaurants set up right in the middle of the action offer Morocco’s traditional cuisine at its very best.

Bus, taxi, train, car, or horse cab are the major transportation in the city. During high traffic times, walking is a great way to see the dense downtown area. For long distance trips, there are a few different types of buses that travel in and out of Marrakesh.


Marrakesh features a semi-arid climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Average temperatures range from 12° C (54° F) in winter to 23° C (74° F) in summer.

The wet winter/dry summer precipitation pattern of Marrakesh mirrors precipitation patterns found in Mediterranean climates; however, the city receives less rain.


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