TEFL in Kabul (Afghanistan)

Course Fee

Total Fee for non-Afghan students: US $1,000

The course fee is split in deposit and balance payment.

Fee for Afghan nationals: US $500

Our school is open: 06:00 am – 6:00 pm

Course Dates

  • 16 February – 15 March 2019
  • 6 April – 2 May 2019

Successful completion of the program gives you three university credits and the waiver of the required teaching experience towards an MA Education.

Afghanistan is a multilingual country, and it is the home to more than 40 languages, with around 200 different dialects. The two official languages of Afghanistan are Dari (lingua franca) and Pashto. Both are Indo-European languages from the Iranian languages sub-family.


In Afghanistan, English is neither the first language, nor is it taught as a second language. It started to grow its importance with the fall of the Taliban. Nowadays, the important point about English in Afghanistan is that, it is a medium of instruction for many subjects in higher education: science, medicine, dentistry, engineering, information technology and others.

One of the conditions for admission to undergraduate studies in these fields is English proficiency, and it is essential. The need for English is even greater at the graduate-degree level in some majors.


Unlike in higher education, teaching English in public schools is not yet government-regulated. Public schools around the country lack qualified English teachers, a curriculum, quality textbooks and teaching materials. Their class size is around 60 students. The teaching method is the Grammar-Translation Method, and their result is non-English-speaking English learners.


What are the salaries you can expect as an English teacher? As a foreigner, your starting salary is US $1,500. A foreigner teaching in Afghanistan can expect to make a good living here, financially speaking…. Most ESL jobs and teaching jobs through a reputable school will offer good benefits, including airfare and housing covered.


While Afghanistan is still a haven for I-speak-English-I-am-good-enough, untrained TEFL teachers, times of change have arrived even here. The Afghan government wants to improve the country after a long, devastating war, and one way to start is education. English, of course, is part of it. For a good TEFL job, you have to bring a BA and a TEFL certificate now as a minimum qualification.



As a qualified English teacher, all kinds of TEFL positions are open to you, starting from universities over
international school to English language institutes and the public-school system. In a way, Afghanistan
offers English teaching opportunities that are unheard of in other areas of the world. The reason is the
bad security reputation of the country. This keeps English teachers away from Afghanistan. As a result,
there isn’t really competition you would find in other parts of the world.

1. As the capital, it has the best teaching opportunities for TEFL-certified teachers.

2. Take a tour of the Abdul Rahman Mosque in Kabul, one of the largest mosques in Afghanistan. Mosques are magnificent in architecture.

3. Visit Darul Aman Palace:  This palace stands on the top of many people’s lists of things to see when in Afghanistan. A place of magnificence in its day, this palace was destroyed beyond repair by the Taliban. However, its magnificence still remains.

4. Walk along the Khyber Pass, an important, picturesque part of the Silk Road, connecting Afghanistan with Pakistan.

5. Qarga Lake: It’s a beautiful lake with typical Afghan restaurant and foods. Relax at the lake side.

6. Babur Garden: Discover the historical garden from Mughul times where families spend their free time and shop typical handy crafts.

7. Paghman District: See the beautiful mountains and have your picnic under the trees and explore historical monuments from the Amanullah Kingdom.



iTTi Kabul is located in the downtown area near Shirshah Sori and next to Sayed Jamaludin Afghan Secondary School. It is an English language center that covers everything from general English classes, English level testing, TOEFL and IELTS preparation classes. The students are adults who want to further their professional career.

The school has recently started 120-Hour TEFL Certification together with iTTi International TEFL Training Institute. As Afghanistan lacks qualified English teachers, iTTi’s TEFL program is a valuable support to the efforts of the Afghan government to improve the teaching quality at schools.

Our TEFL program runs Saturdays through Thursdays for four weeks. Our TEFL trainees teach Afghan students who study English at the English center. The certificate is issued in New York and the school is monitored by our professional New York staff.

During breaktime, our trainees can visit the many coffeeshops and small restaurants in the neighborhood of the school.


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