TEFL in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

International TEFL Training Institute Jeddah is located in the heart of the city.  The training center is accommodated in a private language school in an ultra-modern, spacious building, featuring state-of-the-art teaching technology and an extensive resource library with CDs and DVDs–in short, anything TEFL trainees may need to teach the different-level English students of the school.


Our 120-Hour TESOL Certification is the same quality course you would experience in other iTTi centers throughout the world.  Besides the 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL Certification, the school also offers various specialization courses:  Teaching IELTS Preparation, Teaching IGSCE Preparation, Teaching TOEFL Preparation, Teaching SAT Certification, and Teaching Young Learners Certification.


All our courses are delivered by a team of the most experienced trainers in the Middle East, and these certificates are accredited by iTTi New York.   They also allow for credits towards an MA Education.


120-Hour Onsite TEFL/TESOL Certification

Total course fee: US $1,900

Deposit: US $500

Balance payment: US $1,400


Course Dates in 2019



120-Hour Combined TEFL/TESOL Certification

Total course fee: US $1,900

Deposit: US $500

Balance payment: US $1,400


Teaching Practice Dates in 2019

Saudi Arabia at a Glance

Monthly Salary:

1,400 to 4,000 USD

Ability to Save per Year:

18,000 USD with a modest life style

Health Insurance:



Six weeks per year + public holidays paid


Often included or allowance may be given


Paid for.

Typical Contract Start:

August or May

Minimum Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree

iTTi In-Class TEFL/TESOL Certification

Teaching Experience

Demand for Qualified English Teachers:

Very high


So why would foreign teachers want to come to Saudi Arabia if the country is dry, sandy and hot?  Many of them are attracted by getting their pay tax free.  Salaries for English teachers are among the highest in the KSA.


Although dating and social interaction with the opposite sex are not allowed, the expat population makes sure you get your opportunities to socialize with others.  People in Saudi Arabia are friendly and hospitable no matter your religious belief.  There is sun all year round, and there are plenty of places to visit.



If you plan on teaching in Saudi Arabia, you better put a BA in any field on the table together with a 120-Hour In-class TEFL/TESOL Qualification with proven teaching practicum.  Schools pay a lot, but they want to see you perfectly trained.


How to Find a Job

iTTi Jeddah will certainly help you make the transition from the TEFL/TESOL Training to the teaching job.  English teachers are a high-in-demand commodity in Saudi Arabia.

Most teaching jobs will be for colleges and universities.  You may also teach English to workers who need English for their workplace. Your salary will then be between 11,000 – 20,000 SAR a month (about £1,850 – £3,350). This salary often comes with added benefits such as free housing and medical insurance and is always tax free.

Working Conditions

In general, our graduates who work in Saudi Arabia have been treated well in the workplace.  They were paid on time and received all benefits that come with the job as promised in the contract

Residency and Bank Account

Your school will support you with this. It may be a slow process, and you may have to be flown into Bahrain first, where you will be processed and go through a medical exam and get your visa. Once in, the process of applying for the “iqarma” (the residency card) will begin. Once you have the iqarma, you will be able to open a bank account and register for services such as internet and SIM cards. While you await the iqarma, you will still be able to use the internet and get a SIM card with short-term contracts.

Where to Live and Work

There are three main areas in Saudi Arabia: the east, the center and the west.

In the east, you have Dammam, Khobar and Al-Ahsa.  All of them are in proximity to Dammam International Airport and a short drive away from Bahrain.   Bahrain is a more open country with drinking and nightclubs. In this area, the employer may be an oil company.  Oil companies have the best compensation packages. They may pay you close to US $100,000/year.

In the center, you have Riyadh, the capital city.   Like most capitals, it has a large selection of restaurants, parks, coffee shops, and as with most big cities, it’s crowded and a nightmare for traffic! It is in Riyadh that there are the most universities and less oil companies.  So here you are more likely to find a position in a more academic setting.

In the west, there is Jeddah–perhaps the most open part of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah has many things going for it including being on the Red Sea, which is great for water sports and also has great private beaches, historic architecture, and a good selection of restaurants. Again, there aren’t many oil companies here but lots of colleges, English programs and universities to work for.

In Summary

Saudi Arabia was established as a kingdom in 1932.  It has seen unprecedented growth in the fields of economy, health, science and technology in recent years. The field of education is also growing rapidly in the country.  Together with the growth of education, teaching of English has also taken a new shape. It is quite satisfactory that presently the government, policy makers, teachers and students are aware of the importance of English, and tremendous efforts have been made at every level of education to impart proficiency among the students.

Six Reasons Why Jeddah Should Be on Your Travel List

If you ever plan on coming to Saudi Arabia, Jeddah should be on the top of your list.   It is the largest seaport of Saudi Arabia and the second largest city in the Kingdom with over four million inhabitants.   It is the “commercial capital” of Saudi Arabia.  Here are six reasons to visit this incredible place.

  • Jeddah has an ever-growing economic development. More and more companies are opening up there.  At the same time, there is an increasing need of English due to international trade.
  • The city houses a large number of universities, international schools and, of course, English language institutes. As a result, there are TEFL job opportunities all throughout the city.  Jeddah is a Mecca for English teachers.
  • Jeddah is a resort for Saudi Arabia. Chill out on the beautiful beach the city has to offer.  Have a spectacular view of the Red Sea.
  • The city offers beautiful shopping malls to everyone.
  • Watch the progress to completion of the awe-inspiring Jeddah Tower. It rivals Dubai.  Completion is planned for 2020.
  • Jeddah is the gateway to the two holiest sites in Islam: Mecca and Medina.  They attract thousands of worshippers and tourists every year.


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