Telf in Port-au-Prince - Haiti

TEFL / TESOL in Port-au-Prince (Haiti)

TEFL in Port-au-Prince / TESOL in Port-au-Prince (Haiti)

Our TEFL training center is located in Croix-des-Bouquets, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.

While TEFL trainees get their teacher education there, they volunteer at the same time, helping the people of Haiti gain access to education they never had before.

Supported by experienced teacher trainers, prospective English teachers teach English classes to young learners and adults. Throughout the day, our teacher students have classes in methodology, classroom management, phonology, etc., just like in any other ITTI TEFL training center around the world.

At the end of their teacher training, attendees will be awarded a 120-hour TEFL certification which allows the volunteers to go to other parts of the world and work as English teachers there.

Our center in Haiti is a win-win situation for both the people in Haiti and the TEFL trainees. As the prospective English teachers help overcome illiteracy and poverty, they benefit by gaining TEFL

(100% on-site training)


  • •  9 January – 3 February
  • •  3 April – 28 April
  • •  29 May – 23 June
  • •  2 October – 27 October


• Total course fee: $2500 (includes full room and board)

  • • Deposit: US $625
  • • Balance payment: US $1875

Course fee covers tuition, accommodation and three meals per day. Airfare not included.


The earthquake of January 12, 2010 destroyed most of the elementary and high schools in Port-au-Prince and its surrounding areas. Rebuilding them will cost tens of millions. Since about 85% of Haitian schools are privately operated, we hope that you will use this information to help you decide where to focus your gifts for that rebuilding effort. The schools will need cash, services, talents, labor and equipment. They will need tens of thousands of textbooks, computers and uniforms, as well as enormous amounts of encouragement to get the job done.

TEFL trainees visiting our school in Haiti get the unique experience of living inside the school compound on the second floor of the primary school and main office.  

haiti3 TEFL in Port-au-Prince (Haiti)

They are fully immersed in Haiti’s culture by living alongside staff and being in constant communication with HAC-Haiti’s students, program participants, and the community. Volunteers are housed in semi-private rooms on the second floor of HAC’s compound.

Rooms are furnished with single beds and twin-size bunk beds.   All beds have fresh linens and pillows. TEFL trainees are asked to bring their own mosquito nets to hang above their personal space.

They are also given access to lockers to store their personal belongings and valuables. Lockers come with a labeled key and are located in a private space on the second floor of the compound within the trainees’ living quarters.

There are two finished bathrooms accessible from within the living quarters. All bathrooms have running water, ledges to store soap and shampoo, sinks and flush toilets.


The Republic of Haiti is a small Caribbean nation occupying the western third of Hispaniola, an island it shares with the Dominican Republic. Although weather can vary considerably due to the geographical features of the region, Haiti is primarily tropical and semi-dry in the east. Tropical storms are frequent.

Average daily temperatures in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, are almost always between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, record high temperatures have topped 100 degrees, and lows have dipped to 60. At night, temperatures usually fall 10 to 20 degrees from the daily average.
Geographical features in Haiti include mountains, valleys, plateaus and plains. This can cause variation in the weather from place to place, but average temperatures generally hold true everywhere except in the hilly regions, where averages are about 10 degrees cooler.

November through March is Haiti’s dry season. The rainy season is April through October, with May usually being the wettest month. Average precipitation during this time — not including unusually wet periods or tropical storms — can exceed 9 inches in a single month; more than an inch per day can cause flash flooding and mudslides.


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