TEFL in East London (South Africa)

TEFL/TESOL in East London

Our training center is in Gonubie, a small seaside village on the outskirts of East London!

Surrounded by tranquil gardens, the school is close to all major routes, roads, attractions and amenities. There are outdoor adventures, sightseeing, shopping, safaris and socials to refuel and recharge.

We offer smaller classes (maximum 10 students) for more individualized attention and care for each student.

All our teachers are experienced, iTTi-certified teacher trainers.   They are friendly, knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to providing the best experience and education to their students.  Here is a look into our classroom.


(100% on-site training)


Total course fee: R6000.00 (covers tuition, moderation, certificate and complete career-support services)

Deposit: R3000.00 (upon registration)

Balance payment: R3000.00 (due 30 days before course start)

Dates in 2018

22 October – 26 November ‘18 (16:00–19:00)



(75% on-line/25% on-site training)


Total course fee: R6000.00 (covers tuition, moderation, certificate and complete career-support services)

Deposit: R3000.00 (due at registration)

Balance payment: R3000.00 (due 30 days before the start of teaching practice)

Teaching Practice Dates in 2018

19 – 24 November ’18 (16:00 – 19:00)

East London is a small sunny coastal town in the East Cape on the South East Coast of the country. With breathtaking scenery, wildlife aplenty, adventure to the extreme and the warmest hospitality! There is hardly a place one cannot see the sparkling Indian Ocean as it rolls onto its sandy golden shores.

With a diverse culture and unique people, it is an experience of a lifetime!

Because it is a predominantly English-speaking city, there aren’t abundant teaching opportunities, but, just as most of TEFL/TESOL graduates do, many people teach online from their homes in our beautiful city. They love the organic feel of East London, almost untouched by the general rushed feel of other cities. If you are looking to enjoy beauty, friendly people and a peaceful environment, then East London is for you.

The Sunshine Coast boasts sunshine most of the year, hence its name! East London is the gateway between the Sunshine Coast and the Wild Coast. The town is easy to navigate, not like the cold concrete jungles of larger cities. As it is a warm and friendly town you are sure to make friends and find you are never short of a helping hand. You will find people with big hearts, old values and an open place at their table!

The town is the epitome of the cliché “you may come as a stranger but leave as a part of the family!”. East London has a little bit of everything and it is a great place to set base before further exploring South Africa. Travel our beautiful country in luxury or experience it day to day in majestic backpackers where the best memories and friendships are made. South Africa has history, culture and beauty; what more could one ask for?

The only problem about coming to East London, or anywhere in South Africa in fact, is how hard you will find it to leave!



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