TEFL in Doha (Qatar)


(100% on-site training)


Total course fee: US $1,995

Deposit: US $500 (due upon registration)

Balance payment: US $1,495 (due five business days before the first day of the course)

Course fee covers tuition, certificate, moderation and career support



  • 4 February – 1 March
  • 4 March – 29 March
  • 1 April – 26 April
  • 6 May  – 31 May
  • 3 June – 28 June
  • 1 July – 26 July
  • 5 August – 30 August
  • 3 September – 27 September
  • 30 September  – 25 October
  • 28 October – 22 November
  • 25 November – 20 December



(75% on line/25% on site training)



Total course fee: US $1,500

Deposit: US $600 (due upon registration)

Balance payment: US $900 (due five business days before the first day of teaching practice)

Course fee covers tuition, certificate and moderation.


  • 4 February – 12 February
  • 4 March – 12 March
  • 1 April – 9 April
  • 6 May  – 14 May
  • 3 June – 12 June
  • 1 July – 9 July
  • 5 August – 13 August
  • 3 September – 11 September
  • 30 September  – 8 October
  • 28 October – 5 November
  • 25 November – 3 December

Both the 120-Hour Onsite and the 120-Hour Combined TEFL Course are eligible for credits towards a worldwide accredited MA Ed awarded by the European Global School, accredited by ASIC in the United Kingdom.

Teaching English in Qatar has a huge, melodramatic expand due to its widely economic growth, global trade movement, expansion of tourism and hosting of big events in all fields, especially the 2022 World Cup.
In addition to providing you with an internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certification, ITTI Qatar opens the doors to the world and provides you with the opportunity to teach English abroad as well as explore the currently fastest growing economy of the region–Qatar. Furthermore, ITTI Qatar will assist you in building up your immense Curriculum Vitae, refer you to partner schools in Qatar and abroad, and help you with information about work visas. Finally, we will provide you with a letter of reference if
your performance on the program is adequate.

Average Salary of Teaching English Jobs in Qatar

With an average salary of ten thousand Qatari Riyals (QR), the qualified English teacher is enormously well rewarded from a range of excellent job opportunities throughout Qatar.

Degree Requirements

So far it has been possible here and there for TEFL/TESOL-certified teachers without bachelor’s degree to teach English in Qatar; however, those who have TEFL/TESOL certification coupled with a four-year degree are preferred. TEFL/TESOL certification is usually required in most English-teaching jobs in all Qatari cities such as Doha, Al-Khor, Al-Wakrah, Al-Gharafa, etc.

How to Find a Teaching Job in Qatar

Many ways lead to your goal. Whereas most schools prefer to hire teachers face to face, there are some other guideline drawn to you to help in finding your teaching job in Qatar as follows:

1. Word of mouth- talk t other teachers in Qatar.

2. Online engine- crawl your search engine to grab your demanded teaching opportunities in Qatar.

3. Google maps- search for international and state schools in Qatar.

4. Community and Meet-up expertise – ask expertise to guide you to your target.

How to make money through teaching English in Qatar

Surely, the best way to make money as an English teacher in Qatar is to teach ESP (English for Specific Purposes) such as BE (Business English), ME (Medical English), IELTS & TOEFL training, ELP (English for Law professions) and EFE (English for Finance Experts).


With ITTI Qatar, of course, you will be certified to teach all previous specializations. These specializations allow teachers to charge significantly higher rates in the 250 QR to 500 QR/ hour range, which equal an average of $70 to $200 US/hour.

Where should I go in Qatar

The most outstanding advantage in Qatar is its small size, that highlights the green-light of easy goin and facilitates moving around the whole country and consuming time, featuring the variation of finding your demanding English teaching job all over the country. More and more, shortage the time of moving among your ESP students and gives you the chance to accept more and make more money.

Living in Doha may cost you much. However, it’s better and much cheaper to live in other areas and travel easily among them all.

In terms of social life and enjoyment, Qatar has eloquent fields of having fun and enjoyment such as beaches, traditional Souqs, civilized shopping malls, desert safaris, islands’ journeys, boat and water trips, traditional Arabian food and customs, and, last but not least, cultural variation.

Qatar has its sights set on becoming the Middle East’s next tourism hotspot—and it has the money to do it. Qatar, a tiny, oil and gas-rich nation, is now officially the richest country on Earth. It has overtaken Luxembourg for the world’s highest per capita Gross Domestic Product. But what does the world’s richest city have to offer a visitor?

Shopping Is Out of This Worlld

As temperatures go up, the cool air-conditioned malls are a welcome relief. Retail here is a serious business, which can be seen at the Venetian-themed Villagio mall where visitors can sail an indoor canal, before enjoying the indoor Olympic-sized skating rink and 22,000-square-meter theme park.


A highlight of any trip to Doha is a visit to its Souq Waqif, this labyrinth of souks sell everything from spices to rugs, gold … and falcons.
A rite of passage for Qatari men, nearly 80 per cent of the male population will own a falcon and they don’t come cheap. A healthy bird can cost from $5,000 to a whopping $250,000! But that’s small change when 14 per cent of the local population are millionaires.


Forget horse racing, in Doha camel racing is a huge attraction. Called the ‘sport of sheiks,’ it’s so popular there’s even a TV channel dedicated exclusively to the activity. From November to February, drive 40-minutes to the Al-Shahaniya track and you can join locals cheering on their prized camels to the finish line.


Dubai has its Palm Jumeirah and Doha has the Pearl. A hangout for the mega-rich, these man-made islands cover 400-hectares of reclaimed land made up of beach villas, hotels and apartments, making it the most exclusive address in the city. But you don’t need a millionaire bank balance to walk on its beautiful boardwalk or stop for a coffee in one of the many cafes that line it.


At the top tier is the Sharq Village & Spa, where serious high rollers can check into the aptly named Royal Villa with its ostentatious blue marbled bathroom veined with actual 18-karat gold. While we can dream, a 5-star option within reach of mere mortals is the Grand Hyatt. Overlooking the Persian Gulf, it has serious ‘wow’ factor with sprawling tropical gardens and a private beach.


And that’s official. National carrier, Qatar Airways was named ‘Airline of the Year’ this year — an award it has received four times. Little wonder it’s one of the most rapidly expanding airlines with a global network of 150-plus destinations and routes from Australia, including daily flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth (and Canberra from 2018) and five flights weekly from Adelaide.


There’s more to the city than just bling. Rising from its own purpose-built island, the Museum of Islamic Arts houses the largest collection of Islamic art in the world, including textiles, ceramics and manuscripts. The stunning geometric structure — designed by famous architect, IM Pei, who was responsible for the Louvre pyramid in Paris — is worth the visit alone.


While the museum is the jewel in the city’s cultural crown, it also houses a culinary gem. On the fifth floor is Alain Ducasse’s  Idam Doha  — the first restaurant in the Middle East for the famed French chef. Other standout eateries include an outlet of London’s trendy Hakkasan, Tinseltown favorite Nobu (co-owner Robert De Niro visited last year) and Gordon Ramsay’s Opal.



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