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TEFL in Cusco (Peru)

TEFL in Cusco  – TESOL in Cusco (Peru)

Our TEFL/TESOL training center in Cusco is located in the heart of the city. No doubts, this is the most stunning location to get TEFL/TESOL certified in Peru. While studying a few steps away from all those famous sights that attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year, our course participants have direct access to what Cusco makes so attractive to lovers of history.

The school itself is located in a nicely maintained, typical Peruvian-style building with modern, spacious classrooms, a common room for students to hang out during breaks, a kitchen and a big terrace with comfortable seating. From here, you have a beautiful view of the city of Cusco.

During their training, students have access to WI-FI and equipment that aids them in the preparation of their classes. The EFL students come to the school. They are locals or international visitors who have come to Cusco to discover the treasures Peru offers to the world.

The daily schedule of the TEFL/TESOL certification classes is between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm from Monday through Thursday with an hour lunch in between. Trainees leave the school at 1:00 pm on Fridays. They may enjoy exploring Cusco and its vicinity on weekends. Slight adjustments to the schedule may become necessary due to the availability of the EFL students for teaching practice.

A student residence adjacent to the school and a travel agency inside the school may help you make your Peruvian stay an unforgettable experience. Best of all, the school is willing to hire teachers based on their performance during the course and actual need for teachers at the time of graduation.

Best of all, the school is willing to hire teachers based on their performance during the course and actual need for teachers at the time of graduation.

Special   Features

The school’s own travel agency can help you arrange your trips and excursions in Peru. They offer exciting weekend trips for students, including rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding and visiting Lake Titicaca. They also organize a trip to the famous ruins of Machu Picchu. In order to learn more, please send an e-mail to [email protected] Visiting Machu Picchu is one of the highlights of visiting Peru. It is what made Peru famous all over the world and attracts millions of visitors year after year. Here are different ways to get to the lost city.

The Inca Trail

A four-day hike from Cusco to Machu Picchu is a beautiful trek in the steps of the Incas. Spaces do fill up quickly, so you need to book about two months in advance.

Other Hikes

There are numerous other hikes to Machu Picchu that are in the same region as the Inca Trail and just as beautiful, if not more so. These are the Jungle trek, the Lares trek, Salkantay and Choquekiraw.

Train Excursion

You can go by train to Machu Picchu if you don’t wish to hike and prefer to go in comfort. There are two types of train excursions, and you can choose from a one or two-day trip.

The following tours are popular activities around Cusco. We can arrange all of them for you.

• Machu Picchu, by train or hiking
• Lake Titicaca, Puno and the Urus Islands
• Arequipa, the Colca Canyon and the Santa Catalina Convent
• Tambopata, Peruvian Amazon, Monkey Island
• The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chincheros
• River Rafting
• Horseback Riding
• Mountain Biking
• City Tour of Cusco, Sacsahuaman, Qenko, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay


120-HOUR On-Site TESOL Certification

TOTAL TUITION: $1,800 total tuition

Deposit: $500  due at the time of registration.  Balance payment: $1,300

2018 Dates

    5 March – 30 March

      30 April – 25 May

        4 June – 29 June

          2 July – 27 July

            6 August – 31 August

              3 September – 28 September

                1 October – 26 October


                  120-HOUR Combined TESOL Certification 
                  (75% ON LINE/25% ON SITE TRAINING)

                  Total tuition: $1,600

                  Deposit: $600  due at registration

                  Tuition balance: $1,000 due at the start of the teaching practice

                  This is an on-line/on-site combination course.  The online section can start any day and comes with a tutor.  You can work at your own pace–fast or slowly.  If you register for teaching practice and cannot finish the online part, you can change the date of your teaching practice.

                  2018 Teaching Practice Dates

                  • 5 March – 13 March
                  • 30 April – 8 May
                  • 4 June – 12 June
                  • 2 July – 10 July
                  • 6 August – 14 August
                  • 3 September – 11 September
                  • 1 October – 9 October


                  There are plenty of English teaching positions in Cusco and in other major cities such as Lima, Arequipa, etc. Even the English school associated with our TEFL training program is willing to hire excellent TEFL certification graduates from our course if teachers are needed. As the largest city of Peru, Lima has most of the English-teaching job opportunities. Many of those jobs involve adults in business or students at private language schools.

                  It is generally difficult to secure a teaching job before you arrive in Peru. In most Peruvian schools, employers will want to meet you before having you sign a contract. Employers might also have you take English or physiological tests and perform a demo lesson. This is all part of the interviewing process. Also, make sure that your CV has a professional photo on it. CVs without a photo will most likely be thrown aside. If you have a teaching certificate, you can get a job just about anywhere. Although schools like to see a BA and a TEFL/TESOL certificate, some will hire you with a TEFL/TESOL certificate only.

                  Compensation for teachers in Peru varies widely and depends on your qualification, the amount of hours you teach per week, and the length of your contract. Hourly salaries run around US $5-6 per hour outside Lima and US $6-10 in the capital. It seems little; however, the cost of living in Peru is so low that with such a salary you will still have a great living standard.

                  • Average Monthly Salary: US $400 – 600

                  • Average Cost of Living: US $300 – 500

                  • Monthly bonus: US $100 – 300

                  Benefits may include transport, insurance, lunch, a housing stipend, and paid vacations. Make sure you clarify everything with your employer and sign a contract. You will usually have one month of vacation unless you work at a school, in that case you will probably get more than a month of vacations. Some schools may put you on planilla. That means that you get an extra month salary in July and December. You also get another bonus in June, called CTS. This is an unemployment fund. You’re allowed to take half of the money out every six months. If you quit or get fired, you’re allowed access to the funds after completing the necessary paperwork.

                  Some people are certain as to what city they want to live in while others are not. Many people want to go to Cusco. This city is overrun by tourists because it’s in close proximity to Machu Picchu. Maybe you prefer the beach. Then you have to go to Piura and Chiclayo. You will find Trujillo interesting as a university town. Lima is the center of everything. Arequipa is famous for its volcano. Puno has snow. Iquitos is in the jungle. The question is what experience you really would like to have.

                  As this is just a short introduction to working as English teacher in Peru, your career-support counselor in Peru will assist you in getting work there.

                  With dazzling temples, ancient cities, and access to famous Inca ruins, Cusco has so much to offer to its visitors. First, you’ll want to plan a tour to Machu Picchu. If you like to hike, make arrangements to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. This is a scenic, unforgettable experience. For a more comfortable way to get there, ride one of Peru Rail’s daily trains to the lost city.

                  If you have time before or after your expedition, visit the Plaza de Armas to explore the famous Cusco Cathedral and nearby Qoricancha.

                  From the Sacsayhuamán ruins, you will enjoy an impressive view of Cusco City.

                  A great experience is a folkloric presentation in one of Cusco’s theatres. Enjoy the dances and the beautiful Peruvian music. It makes you want to return to Peru over and over again

                  Cusco  Weather

                  Cusco has a subtropical highland climate. Its climate is usually dry and temperate, with two defined seasons. The dry season is from April to October, with abundant sunshine, and occasional nighttime freezes: July is the coolest month with an average of 9.6 °C (49.3 °F). The wet season lasts from November to March, with night frost less common: November averages 13.4 °C (56.1 °F). Although frost and hail are common, snow is virtually unheard of. The only snowfall ever recorded was in June 1911.

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