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TEFL in Chiang Mai / TESOL in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

International TEFL Training Institute in Chiang Mai is approximately 10 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai, 3 km from Chiang Mai International Airport, 8 km from Doi Suthep Temple, and is nestled at the foothills of Suthep Mountain, just west of Chiang Mai University.

The complex has over 35 classrooms in total, all air conditioned, with meeting and seminar rooms, a 300-seat lecture hall, a self-access learning resource center and a library with Internet access. There are WiFi hotspots located throughout the facility. Photocopying service is available and so are an on-site audio-visual studio and a 50-seat multimedia center. There are several restaurants, cafes plus a number of kiosks and stores nearby.

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The students you teach are Thai.  Teaching practice takes place in a nearby high school.  TEFL trainees are expected to teach a total of six hours under the observation of an experienced teacher.


Dates in 2016
  • • 31 October – 18 November


120-Hour On-Site TEFL Certification

  • • Total course fee: $1,600
  • • Deposit: US $800  (due at the time of registration)
  • • Balance payment: US $800  (due 30 days before the first course day)

In general, Chiang Mai has less teaching positions and lower salaries for an EFL teacher than in Bangkok. The reason is that teachers abound and are willing to work for little money in exchange for the chance to live in Chiang Mai.

Teachers vary from recently graduated TEFL course participants to pensioners looking to supplement their income, or perhaps obtain that ever sought after visa. As a result, Chiang Mai is really an employer’s market, and this is reflected in the wages.

In general, salaries seem to range between 20,000 and 30,000 a month, though jobs at the top end of the scale are increasingly scarce and highly sought after.

Higher salaries can be found at the international schools, but these usually require a teaching degree. Due to the level of competition, it is difficult to obtain a full time job without a degree and usually a TEFL certificate.

Some language schools are willing to hire, regardless of qualifications, and pay ranges from 200-300 an hour.

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Despite the relatively low wages, and the level of competition, Chiang Mai has 24 private schools, 25 government schools, 5 universities, 6 vocational colleges, 7 international schools and 24 language schools.

There is always work to be found, and if you arrive with the right attitude, smart attire and more than a bit of patience, you can and will find that teaching job. Prepare a great CV, and get visiting the schools as many jobs aren’t advertised.

Experience for yourself the merging of the past into the present in Chiang Mai, Thailand – a place where the locals are proud of the city’s 700-year history. Its rich, diverse heritage and unique culture is a perfect foundation for the development of any city. Chiang Mai has this in abundance and is one of the few places in Thailand where it is possible to find, in the heart of the city, centuries-old chedis and temples, right next to modern seven-elevens and boutique hotels. The original city layout still exists as a perfect square surrounded by a moat with vestiges of the fortified wall and its four main gates offering prime access to the old town.

For years, tourists have mistaken Chiang Mai as the northern junction and the base from which they can explore other provinces. Today, tourists are surprised by the fact that there is always something new to discover in the Chiang Mai area. The intriguing, ethnic tribes, coupled with a breathtaking scenery, makes Chiang Mai one of Asia’s most attractive tourist destinations. Two weeks in Chiang Mai may well not be long enough for serious travelers.

The old city of Chiang Mai, with its fascinating indigenous cultural identity such as unique dialects, cuisine, architecture, traditional values, festivals, handicrafts and classical dances is a prime location in its own right. In addition, the presence of hill tribes and their wealth of unique cultures enhance Chiang Mai’s distinctive diversity.

Chiang Mai is also blessed with pristine natural resources of mountains (dois), waterfalls, and other nature-based tourist attractions. At the same time, Chiang Mai residents are warm, gracious and congenial providing authentic hospitality making visits memorable and meaningful. Moreover, visitors from all walks of life can collect handicrafts of silk, silver and wood produced locally as timeless souvenirs. Chiang Mai is a place where both backpackers and luxury tourists can enjoy themselves to the full. The four weeks of your TEFL course in Chiang Mai will be for weeks you’ll never forget.

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The climate of Chiang Mai is inevitably tropical, but cooler and less humid than elsewhere in Thailand.  Chiang Mai is more continental than Southern Thailand, with distinct monsoon seasons.  It can get relatively chilly in December/January.  All seasons make for a great stay!


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