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TEFL / TESOL in Bangkok (Thailand)

TEFL in Bangkok / TESOL in Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok is one of the largest cities in the world. Our school in Bangkok is located in Thong Thai Townhouse Village and the center of the city. Unlike the overcrowded downtown district, it is a quieter place to learn and study.

The school is equipped with spacious classrooms and provides for everything TEFL students need to have to secure ample learning: computer access, Internet connection, a printer, and a copy machine.  The school also has a selection of books available to the trainees to promote additional learning.

Due to the different school system in Thailand, the TEFL certification course operates on a six-week schedule with approximately five hours of course load daily.  This time doesn’t include homework. Being there a little longer gives you some extra time to discover the difficulties Thai people have when they learn English.  Besides that, you will gain more experience of living in a non-English speaking country and exploring its culture.

The students you teach are Thai.  Teaching practice takes place in a nearby high school.  TEFL trainees are expected to teach a total of six hours under the observation of an experienced teacher.



  • 7 January – 1 February
  • 4 February – 1 March
  • 4 March – 29 March
  • 1 April – 26 April
  • 3 June – 28 June
  • 1 July – 26 July
  • 5 August – 30 August
  • 2 September – 27 September
  • 30 September – 25 October
  • 28 October – 22 November
  • 25 November – 20 December


120-Hour On-Site TEFL Certification

  • • Total course fee: $1,600
  • • Deposit: US $400  (due at the time of registration)
  • • Balance payment: US $1200  (due 30 days before the first course day)

Most people begin their TEFL job search, once they get to Thailand because Thai employers would like to see you before offering a position. Unlike in some Western countries, Thai schools expect you to look the part. Schools in Thailand are places with formal dress codes; suit and tie for men and a career suit for ladies are everyday wear for teachers.

Teaching positions are available in the public-school sector and at private schools. For public schools, hiring season for most schools starts in February or March. Early August is the application time for universities.

Private language schools offer good opportunities for new EFL teachers, as they conduct classes all year around. As a result, they hire teachers throughout the calendar year.

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for TEFL positions. Salaries are high compared to local standards, and the cost of living is very low.

Thailand, in Bangkok the Wat Rachanada is situated in the old royal city; the ancient walls are decorated with murals depicting paradise and hell. View of the golden seated Buddha

In addition, EFL teachers can earn extra money by teaching privately.

The hourly rate would be between 300 – 700 baht, and sometimes even more. At the time of writing this overview, the currency conversion rate is US $1.00 = 30.75 baht.

Before you do so, check your contract to make sure there is no conflict of interest.

Bangkok has been Thailand’s most important city since the eighteenth century.  It is located on the banks of one of southeastern Asia’s most important rivers, the Chao Phraya.  Bangkok houses a lot of ancient palaces and Buddhist temples; it’s a paradise for people interested in history.

The historical buildings are in a big contrast with the modern glass buildings that pop up throughout the city—signs of the developing corporate world.  And finally, what would a trip to Thailand be without experiencing the delicious Thai cuisine?

Bangkok is justifiably considered one of the most alluring cities in the world.  It has become part of movies and books.  When you combine all its superb facets such as great food, magical beaches not too far away, a vibrant night life, a low cost of living and friendly people, you can see why it offers an unmatched experience and is a popular destination for TEFL courses. 


Annual average temperatures don’t change significantly in Thailand, with average highs roughly between 30 and 35°C (90 and 95°F) and lows between 20 and 27°C (70 and 81°F).

As humidity is rather low in the winter months (November to February), most Western tourists come to Thailand during this time of the year. Thailand is also beautiful during the other time of the year when temperatures are on the rise. Even more reason to go to the beach.


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