TEFL in Baku (Azerbaijan)

TEFL in Baku/ TESOL in Baku

International TEFL Training Institute Baku is located in the Nasimi District of the city. The school is accommodated in a large, former university building with bright, large classrooms and hallways. There are ideal learning conditions for our TEFL trainees.

The classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and have space for about 20 students. TEFL students learn to handle boards which they most likely encounter in modern classrooms around the world. This brings increased value to the TEFL course in Azerbaijan.

Besides the classrooms, the school features a lunch area for students where they can get coffee or tea
and snacks.

Classes run from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm on Fridays. There is a lunch break from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Mondays through Thursdays. After an initial week of theory study, the TEFL trainees start the daily teaching practice with Week 2 of the program. The teaching practice with Azerbaijanis (adult learners) is followed immediate feedback.

The career support starts during Week 2. You will set up your resume/CV and send it to schools in your desired destination—whether in Azerbaijan or in other parts of the world.

120-Hour Combined TEFL Certification in Baku

2019 Course Dates

  • 4 February – 14 February
  • 17 March – 27 March
  • 3 June – 13 June
  • 5 August – 15 August
  • 2 September – 12 September
  • 7 October – 17 October

12 days (80-hours on site and 40 hours online) residential certification.

Total tuition: $1,200
Deposit: $500 due at registration.
Balance payment: $ 700

Our TEFL/TESOL program in Baku takes place in a beautifully maintained, historical building of Baku, Asia University. This area is a pleasant, completely
safe student environment. It is just 10 minutes to the city center by bus. Everything is in a flash open: you can spend your leisure time at beautiful cafes, restaurants bars, malls.


  • TEFL course content is compatible with that of a four-year teacher training college program.
  • TEFL Certificate (issued in New York) is eligible for two credits towards MA Ed with a global partner university. The three-year teaching
    experience requirement is also waived for admission to master studies.
  • This type of program is accepted at all schools worldwide, including the highest paying.
  • Three weeks of  complimentary intensive accent reduction classes for non-native English teacher trainees.
  • Highly qualified, experienced TEFL trainers.
  • Practice your teaching skills with real EFL students.
  • Assistance in setting up your professional CV/resume and provide you with school/recruiter information.
  • Become part of a mailing list of actual TEFL job leads from schools in Baku/Azerbaijan.

Where to Teach English in Azerbaijan

Private international schools in Azerbaijan hire teachers for all levels, since the interest for English has been on a steady rise. Business English enjoys
particular popularity as the nation continues with its rapid development towards establishing an infrastructure and becoming an industrial nation.
Teacher Salary and Benefits When teaching in Azerbaijan. English instructors in Azerbaijan will procure focused pay rates, which will be subject to change due to the cost of living
across the nation.

English teacher salary packages in Azerbaijan typically include accommodation as well as health insurance. If accommodation is not included, a good salary will be about €1200 ($1517 USD, £965), and from this just over a quarter will go towards renting a small one-bedroom apartment. After the usual bills and expenses, you may be able to save about €600 ($758 USD, £483) per month.


Workload for Teachers

The workload in a public school is around 15 hours per week. Lessons last the standard 45 minutes. Often you will be teamed up with an Azerbaijani English
teacher and co-teach.


Qualifications Required

Candidates wishing to teach in international schools must have a valid license to teach from their home country and, as a general rule, have at least two years of
professional experience. Teachers may be required to present a TESOL/TEFL Certificate for teaching English in Azerbaijan, although this is not always mandatory. In Azerbaijan, it is necessary to posess a Bachelor's degree in Education.

Baku, Azerbaijan’s modern capital, combines a medieval old town, modern Flame Towers that light up after dark and a
promenade stretching along the Caspian Sea. The city exudes attractiveness, shining under the endless blue skies, and oozes
intriguing layers of history just waiting for you to unravel.


Here are several reasons why you should visit Baku and put Azerbaijan on this year’s bucket list.



The fame of rich Azerbaijani cuisine has probably gone around the world and back several times. It is most likely that you won’t have enough time to taste the whole variety of national dishes available, but nevertheless, this section will help you easily choose an appropriate style and venue to suit your taste. It should be noted that the capital will not only let you taste local dishes, but also dishes of other nationalities and countries. International franchises, authentic cafés, luxurious restaurants, open-air playgrounds, cozy wine bars and noisy pubs, along with other exciting locations will suit anyone who is ready experience local delights, by getting to know local people through their sumptuous cuisine.



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