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TEFL in Accra / TESOL in Accra (Ghana)

International TEFL Training Institute in Ghana is located in the heart of Accra, allowing trainees easy access to the major areas of the city.

The school is approximately 5 km away from the Accra International Airport and offers a modern space with audio-visual equipment.


Airport transfers can be arranged for $75 with a one-week notice and prepayment.


(75% on line/25% on-site teaching practice)

Course Fee

Total course fee: $1,600
Deposit: $600 due at registration and start of the on-line portion of the program.
Balance payment: $1,000 (due 10 business days before the start of the teaching practice in Accra)

Available teaching practice dates are shown in below calendar.  The on-line portion (theory) of the program has to be completed, before you can decide for a particular teaching practice date. After completion of the teaching practice, you will receive the same certificate you would if you had been the participant of a four-week on-site TEFL certification.  This is due to the on-site teaching practice.

Teaching Practice Dates in 2017
  • 2 May – 10 May
  • 5 June – 13 June
  • 3 July – 11 July
  • 11 September – 19 September
  • 16 October – 24 October

Although Ghana is considered a progressive country compared to some of its neighbors, it still has a long road to travel to diminish the difference between the countryside and the capital. Ghana is in desperate need of trained and committed teachers to help lead rural Ghanaians out of poverty by giving them an education that will enable them to help themselves. A major undertaking is the increase of the literacy rate.

There are still parts of the population who do not know how to read and write. If you want to make a true contribution to helping people, one way would be by spending your time improving education in Ghana. It wouldn’t be a job in which you take home a lot of cash, but you will earn the love and the respect of the people whose life you will transform, so they become able to create a better future.

Approximately 83% of Ghana’s children attend school. Due to the lack of trained teachers, resources and extreme poverty, half a million children don’t have access to education. If your heart is set on helping people, Ghana should be on your list of teaching abroad.

Accra, as the capital, has a concentration of schools and universities. A few of them are Ghana International School, Lincoln Community School and the American International School—all three are for students aged from 3 -18. Ghana University is located in the outskirts of Accra and is just one of many higher education institutions established in the capital.

Schools in Ghana hire year round. The average teaching salary is $500/month. It doesn’t seem to be a lot; however, the average cost of living is very low too (between $250 – $500 per month depending on the lifestyle of the individual).

Just like in other countries, working in Ghana requires your employer to file for a work visa on your behalf.

At the time of your teaching practice, your TEFL trainer will provide you with a school list and guide you in securing a TEFL teaching position in Ghana.

Thanks to its welcoming people, Ghana is becoming a more and more popular destination for tourists. The country has ten regions; each has its own culture, customs, food and festivals. The regions are very different from each other. From the hustle and bustle of Accra to the stunning savannah of the North; each region has its own special something to offer the traveler.

There aren’t any obvious landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya – Ghana’s beauty and attraction lies in everyday life, from its bustling markets to palm-lined beaches and famous hospitality, you will never have a boring moment in Ghana.

Ghana is blessed with 540 km of stunning, sandy coastline. Most of it is untouched, and many of its beaches are waiting to be explored. To the east there are Ada, Keta and Prampram, and to the west, there are Brenu, Busua, Anomabo and Axim. In Accra, Labadi Beach is a favorite hangout for locals and visitors. And if you are lucky, you can watch nesting turtles or even see migratory whales passing Ghana’s coastal waters.

Accra has been Ghana’s capital since 1877 and contains wonderful public buildings witnessing its transition from a 19th century suburb of Victoriaburg to a modern metropolis.

Located at the Atlantic coast, the city features luxury as well as great value hotels, gourmet restaurants and night clubs. Interesting museums and public monuments, a modern business district, as well as colorful street markets and tree-lined residential suburbs, are waiting to be explored.

Among the must-sees of Accra are the National Museum, a reflection of the country’s heritage from prehistoric to modern times; the National Theatre with its unusually modern architecture, the Centre for National Cultural Centre, Independence Square, the Kwame Nkrumah sazMausoleum; the fishing port at James Town and Makola Market. The University of Ghana at Legon is just 14 km north of Accra, and its modern buildings contrast elegant tree-lined gardens that attract students and visitors alike.


Accra features a tropical savanna climate. Most of the annual rainfall is primarily during Ghana’s two rainy seasons. The main rainy season begins in April and ends in mid-July, whilst a weaker second rainy season occurs in October. Rain usually falls during short, intensive storms and may lead to local flooding.

There is very little variation in temperature throughout the year. The mean monthly temperature ranges from 24.7° C (76.5° F) in August (the coolest) to 28° C (82.4° F) in March (the hottest), with an annual average of 26.8° C (80.2° F). It should be noted, however, that the “cooler” months tend to be more humid than the warmer months.

As Accra is close to the equator, the daylight hours are almost the same throughout the year. Relative humidity is generally high, varying from 65% in the mid-afternoon to 95% at night.


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