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Our TESOL certification takes place in a beautiful, luxurious complex of Cihan City in Erbil. The ultra-modern building not only houses our TEFL training center but also features a swimming pool, a fitness center, a mini mart, and 24-hour armed security.

The size of our TEFL school is approximately 3000 square feet.  It is located on the 24th floor of a penthouse (see picture).  The TEFL training space features an office area and two modern, large classrooms for about twenty TEFL students.  Technology such as computers, projectors and an all-in-one multifunctional copier, printer and scanner are at the disposal of the TEFL trainees.  The EFL teaching practice students are locals from Erbil.   They come to the TEFL training center daily to be taught there.

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The classroom windows offer a spectacular, must-see view of the City of Erbil.

The Tablo Mall is a modern shopping center in the vicinity of the TEFL school.  Besides a lot of other stores, it has a large supermarket that offers international and local groceries.  The mall also features an ATM machine.  There is a large sports complex next to the mall.  You can get there by either walking 30 minutes or taking a taxi for US $2.00.

The TEFL school also offers all-inclusive accommodations for the price of US $500.   Airport transfers are complimentary.  It is the school’s primary goal to cater to our students’ needs and make their stay as comfortable as possible to create an ultimate learning experience.



Total course fee: $1,995

Deposit: $500 (upon registration)

Balance payment: $1,495 due 5 business days before the first course day

The program comes with full career support.  We’ll help you either find a job in Iraq or elsewhere—wherever you wish to go.


TESOL On-Site Course Dates 2017

5 September – 29 September
2 October – 27 October
30 October – 24 November
27 November – 22 December


Register for September now and receive a 50% discount.  Pay $1,000 and get a first-class education.

The center is closed on public holidays.

Total course fee: $1,450

Deposit: $365 (upon registration)

Balance payment: $1085 due five business days before the first teaching practice day

The program comes with full career support.

The center is closed on holidays.

 Teaching Practice Dates 2017

  • 5 September – 13 September
  • 2 October – 10 October
  • 30 October – 7 November
  • 27 November – 5 December




Course Dates in 2017

  • 23/24 September
  • 28/29 October
  • 18/19 November

Erbil is the capital of the autonomous Iraqi province of Kurdistan.  Located approximately 350 km away from Baghdad on a major highway that connects Baghdad with Mosul, the city is home to about 1.6 million people.  It is one of the oldest human settlements in the world reaching back to 5000 BC.

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The heart of the 7000-year-old city is the Citadel of Erbil, an ancient part of the city built on a hill.  It is part of the World Heritage List.  Throughout its tumultuous past, Erbil greeted famous people within its city limits: Sumerian kings, the Mongols, Alexander the Great and British colonialists.  They all had an interest in Erbil that is located at Iraq’s most important trade route.  They all left their footprints in this history-laden place in northeastern Iraq.

Erbil harmoniously combines its interesting past with life in a modern city.  Not far from the ancient Citadel of Erbil, you will find the most modern, most luxurious shopping malls, restaurants and night clubs.  The city even features amusement parks and a water park that is refreshing during the heat of the summer.  One of the gems among Erbil’s sights is the huge bazaar adjacent to the Citadel.  You can get lost among the endless rows of stalls offering everything from household goods to clothing, pottery, jewelry and much.

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Other must-see places are Shanidel Park, the Kurdish Textile Museum, the Grand Mosque and Erbil’s Stone & Gemstone Museum.  Sami Abdulrahman Park in Erbil contains two beautiful lakes, a rose garden where you can sit and forget the time and the Martyrs Monument.  You will also find a restaurant and a market inside the park. A monument between the two lakes reads, “Freedom is not free.”

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The number of TEFL opportunities are rapidly growing in Iraq especially for the training of local teachers and teaching English in private language institutes. Of all Iraqi locations, Kurdistan is the safest area to   work.

TEFL Teacher Compensation and Benefits


Language Centers

US $500 – $2,000/month

Various shifts

Vacation entitlement: 2 weeks + national holidays


International Schools

US $3,000 up/month

8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday (some weekend work)

Vacation entitlement: 10 weeks + national holidays


TEFL Job Locations



TEFL Job Requirements

Native English speaker or outstanding English skills

BA in any field

TEFL certificate

1-2 years teaching experience preferred



1. Stay abreast of political developments and register with your embassy to notify them of your address in Iraq. Try contacting the US Embassy in Baghdad regarding job opportunities.

2.American English and pronunciation seems to be favoured here so Americans and Canadians are probably more likely to find the positions with the best salaries. Britons should consider contacting the British Council who do operate in Iraq on a limited basis.

3.Those with a knowledge of Arabic are at a great advantage and it would be advisable for anyone considering working here to start learning before arriving in Iraq.


Red tape

Work permits must be arranged to work legally. This can take several weeks and must be done in conjunction with your employer. All of this must be done before you arrive in the country.


Cost of living

The cost of living in Iraq is low but security is a major issue. Clearly, security is worth spending money on but speak to your prospective employer regarding accommodation as part of the contract package.


Tax and salary information

You should receive your salary on a monthly basis unless otherwise stated in your contract


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