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Earn an accredited, internationally recognized TESOL certificate in the heart of Prague, the capital and the most beautiful city of the Czech Republic.  Our TEFL training center is located in an actual language school where different languages are taught, including English.

The TEFL school features state-of-the-art classrooms with interactive whiteboards. Unlike other TEFL training locations, you may observe real English teachers in action here.  Classes are small and average nine TEFL students.     At the end of the four-week TEFL program, English teaching positions wait for our TEFL graduates over there.

The TEFL school is located in walking distance from the city center.  You can also access it by tram or metro.  There’s plenty of awesome eateries and bars nearby.

The TEFL training staff consists of highly trained, experienced English teachers.  The TEFL certification course is accredited by IATQuO, a well-known British accreditor of TEFL training providers.

The Czech Republic welcomes foreigners, no matter where they are from.   It’s fairly easy to get a visa if you wish to complete your TEFL course and want to teach English in the Czech Republic.

130-Hour On-Site TEFL Certification with Teaching Practicum


  • 20 November – 15 December 1200 Euros


  • 15 January – 9 February 1200 Euros
  • 19 February – 16 March 1050 Euros
  • 26 March – 20 April 1050 Euros
  • 30 April – 25 May 1050 Euros
  • 4 June – 29 June 1200 Euros
  • 2 July – 27 July 1200 Euros
  • 6 August – 31 August 1200 Euros
  • 10 September – 5 October 1200 Euros
  • 15 October – 9 November 1200 Euros
  • 19 November – 14 December 1200 Euros

First of all, the TEFL location in Prague offers you a guaranteed, paid TEFL job if you pass the TEFL course at a certain level.  You will then obtain a work visa through the language school that will hire you.

The cost of living is far below other European destinations.  You can get an entire delicious meal for US $5.00.

Prague itself is a gem among European cities.  It’s called City of a Hundred Spires.  UNESCO has it on its list of monuments.  Come and get to know it yourself.

Prague has inspired composers and writers alike.   Its charm can compete with Paris.  There is the Old Town Hall with the famous Prague Astronomical Clock that attracts thousands of visitors each year.  You already know the winding lanes of the Jewish Quarter from the novels of Franz Kafka.  Cafes invite you to sit for a while and have a cup of coffee.  Boutiques capture your interest, and there are the sightseeing cruises on the Vltava.  Smetana composed a beautiful piece of music named after the river.  The Gothic Charles Bridge and St. Nicholas Church are both famous landmarks of the city.  You can forget time in the Palace Gardens of the Prague Castle.

For a beautiful view of the entire city, we suggest Petřin with its miniature Eiffel Tower.   Each of Prague’s districts has its own characteristic atmosphere and individual charm.

Prague presents itself as a city with alternating styles: romantic and successful, ancient and modern.  Above all, it is a city that welcomes foreigners.  It’s time to come and see for yourself, and we guarantee you, you will be glad you did.


In order to be considered for an official work visa in a public or private school, you have to have a BA in any field and TEFL/TESOL Certification.  Schools in the Czech Republic put high demands on English teachers.  They are expected to prepare and deliver high-quality classes.  The times of just speaking English to be successful in your TEFL job search are part of the past in this country.

English Teacher Salaries & Benefits

Teacher salaries may be paid on a salaried or an hourly basis.  The average compensation in a foreign language school ranges from 18,000 to 24,000 Kc (US $1,000 – 1,300)/month.  The approximate rate for a 45-minute session is 200 Kc (US $12).  This may sound low; however, the cost of living is far below that of western European capitals, not even to mention the U.S.

Unlike in Asia or the Middle East, Czech schools don’t offer free airfare or housing.  The school may support you in finding housing.

As the Czech Republic features a national health care system, you will have health insurance once working in a working long-term visa.

Czech public holidays are included in your benefits package; however, if you work less than full time or on a private basis, they may be not.  Your vacation deal depends on the length of the contract with the school.

Types of Students

Business professionals, children, private students

Types of Jobs

Full time: 25 – 30 hours of teaching + preparation

Part time:  depending on contract

Private tutoring

Peak Hiring Season

September or January for public schools; private schools hire all year around.

Hiring Procedure

In-person interview or through Skype

Work Visa Information

Trade License (Zivno) or Work Permit?   A major difference between the two is that a work long-term visa requires more work of your employer to assist you in obtaining one.  The Trade License is similar to a freelance visa.  With that in your pocket, you can work at any language school within the Czech Republic.  You will not require the help of a school to be legal.


While there are still schools that will help you obtain a work long-term visa, more and more schools like the idea of the Trade License.  This type of freelance visa is only valid for the Czech Republic.  Most European countries have their own Trade License.  If you wish to work in another EU country such as Germany, you will have to apply for the German Trade License in Germany.

Other differences between a work long-term visa and a Trade License are as follows:

  • You need Czech language skills to apply for the Trade License.
  • A Trade License application is a little more costly.
  • Under a Trade License, you will become responsible for your own healthcare and tax declaration. With a working long-term visa, your employer is taking the taxes from your paycheck and a percentage of your salary for your health insurance.

In any event, the TEFL school in Prague will further assist you with teaching English either in the Czech Republic or elsewhere in the world.


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