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TEFL in Crete / TESOL in Crete (Greece)

The school is located in the center of Chania, only steps away from the Mediterranean Sea.

It offers modern amenities, including air-conditioned classrooms, a resource library, Internet access, telephone, and a copy machine. A large outdoor terrace invites to sit and do your homework or just relax a little in the sun.

The school is in close proximity to restaurants, banks, the post office, the pharmacy and shopping.

The course is very intensive and requires classroom attendance for about eight hours a day along with additional homework. We recommend that trainees have no other personal or professional commitments during the four weeks of training.

The program comes with teaching practice. The EFL students are usually Greek speakers who attend these free English classes with complete awareness that they will be taught by novice teachers.

Class sizes may vary but will never exceed 14.

Special   Features

Weekends are free, except for some homework. We run a variety of excursions to some of the most beautiful parts of the island of Crete.

These include (but are not necessarily limited to) a trek down the Samaria Gorge, visits to the beaches of Elafonisi, Falasarna and Gramvousa, trips to the Minoan ruins of Knossos (home of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur) and stays in one or more of the small villages on the South coast of the island where you can experience some more traditional Greek life, music, and food.


(100% in-class training)
Course Dates in 2018
22 January – 16 February 
23 April – 18 May 
28  May – 21 June 
2 July – 26 July 
6 August – 31 August
5 September – 3 October
22 October – 16 November 
Course Fee
  • • Total course fee: $1,605
  • • Deposit: US $500 due at registration.
  • • Balance payment: US $1,105 due 30 days before course start.

Greece is one of the largest TESOL/TEFL teaching markets in the world today.

With over 6,000 language schools (including many on Crete itself and about 70 in Chania), the huge demand for qualified native English speaking teachers offers a wealth of teaching opportunities.

Salaries typically range from the equivalent of US $650 – $1,000 per month, which should be enough to live on comfortably.

Hiring season in Greece is typically from August to October and Some teachers also supplement their income with private English lessons.

A job teaching English in Crete is a fantastic way to live overseas and get paid to travel the world!

With a TEFL certification you will be able to work abroad teaching English and getting paid in Crete – Greece.

 Welcome to Chania where the beauty of nature, a long history and a unique culture form a perfect union to capture the hearts of its visitors.

With endless stretches of seashore, beautiful sandy beaches tucked away at the foot of forbidding mountains, majestic gorges, holy caves, blessed rivers and plains covered with lush green Olive and Citrus trees, Crete is a paradise for people who enjoy the outdoors.

With a population of around 70,000, Chania is large enough to boast year-round life and interest whilst still retaining the charm of a relatively small Greek provincial town. The 14th century Venetian harbor and the maze of twisting streets in the old city are its most attractive and fascinating features.

The county of Chania is divided by the Lefka Ori Mountains into two completely different natural landscapes. The coastal zone, with beaches 415 km long, is richer and more densely populated. The sparsely populated inner territory is one of the most authentic parts of Crete.

The city is often called “the Locus of Gorges”. These gorges, with their wild beauty and unpolluted environment stir strong emotions of awe and wonderment. The passage of one of these gorges offers unforgettable experiences and certainly makes you wish to cross another gorge during a next visit in Chania.

Apart from its wilderness and beauty, Chania is rich of legends about dragons and fairies, about good and bad spirits that dwell in the gorges.

There are limpid water sources or picturesque Byzantine churches in such places where famous oracles or pantheons formerly took place. There are heroic stories about the rebels who, from the gorges, drove the Roman, Arab, Venetian, Turkish or Nazi invaders out of the Cretan land.

In short, everything about Crete will attract visitors over and over again: the rugged mountain scenery, the fabulous beaches with their Caribbean-style white sand and crystal-clear water, the delicious food, the beautiful folk music, Greek wine, and the friendly people. Because the island is over 200 miles in length, there is so much to explore: the Minoan ruins of Knossos; the paradise beaches of Elafonisi, Balos and Gramvousa, Vai or Sougia, Chania’s 14th century Venetian port and town center; the White Mountains and the awe-inspiring gorges that carve their way through them.

Chania  Weather

The city enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with sunny, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Between April and October, clear-sky weather is almost an everyday guarantee. The temperature may rise to 37° C (98º F). Intervals of sunny days are frequent during the windy, rainy winter as well. At that time of the year, the average temperature is around 20º C (70º F). Snow and frost are almost non-existent near the coast.


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