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TEFL in Bogota / TESOL in Bogota

Located in Zona Rosa, one of the safer  commercial areas in Bogotá, our TEFL training center shares the neighborhood with shopping malls, night clubs, restaurants, high-end fashion stores and quaint shops where you can find anything and everything you didn’t know you wanted. We offer our students all the conveniences they expect, such as WiFi access, TV and DVD player, two classrooms of different sizes and purposes, a coffee maker always ready with Colombian coffee.

Our school offers a 120-Hour Combined TEFL Certification program where you will earn a certificate accepted by schools all around the world. Whether you want to teach in South Korea, Argentina, China, or Dubai, you will have a certificate that will allow you to teach anywhere.

Our TEFL school has several classrooms of different sizes. It is well connectec by public transportation as it is in Zona Rosa, one of the safest and most visited areas in the city. After you have finished the theory of teaching English, you will come to the school for seven days and will engage in practical teaching and project work related to the classroom.  During the practicum component, you will get the chance to put those newly acquired skills into practice by teaching actual students of different levels.  Thereafter, you will receivinge well-thought feedback and critiques from your peers and teachers. This will be a key element in fine-tuning your teaching skills and improving your overall performance.

Our aim is to train English teachers who are truly experts in their field. We believe in doing what you love, we love teaching, and we do our best to transmit that love to our TEFL students. Those are the keys to our success: our small classes to provide our students with individual attention and the passion we feel for teaching, besides our experienced staff that bring their expertise to help you achieve the learning goals you set for yourself.

120-Hour Combined TEFL Certification (75% online, 25% on-site training)

We offer a 120-Hour Combined TEFL program with a practical component. You will have the chance to teach students of different ages and levels of knowledge, and receive immediate feedback so you can learn how to adapt your techniques and methods to be effective for all your students. You will also be able to try out what you have learned in classroom management strategies, as well as how to teach accent reduction, how make grammar fun, and how to correct pronunciation, while lowering the affective filter of your students and creating a comfortable learning environment.

This program is an investment in your future and it is a perfect option for those who have never been inside a classroom playing the part of the teacher. You will develop your teaching skills under the tutelage of our highly-trained instructors, and you will have the opportunity to put them into practice in real life scenarios, and get immediate feedback from your instructor and your peers.

We use textbooks and source materials from high-quality programs in acclaimed colleges and universities, to make sure our TEFL students have the best preparation and can compete against other international students and graduates. We have an outstanding employment record in Colombia and our students, once graduated and working in Colombia, earn competitive compensation packages.

We offer our TEFL graduates career-support services because we want to help you be successful in this field. We help you rework your resume and CV to make it more attractive for prospective employers, provide you with schools and recruiter information so you can find your perfect job, and we even put you in touch with other graduates working in institutions so you can create your own network. Colombia is the perfect market for an ESL/EFL teacher and we want to help you match with the best position for you.

Finally, you will receive a monthly newsletter with varied information such as new jobs in Colombia and academic articles written by our own instructors, to help you refresh what you learned during the 120-Hour On-Site TEFL training.

Total tuition: $1,725

Deposit: $500 due at registration.

Balance payment: $1,225 due five business days before the first teaching practice date. Tuition includes course fee, TEFL certificate, moderation and assistance in securing a teaching position.

TEFL/TESOL Teaching Practice Dates – Bogotá 2019 

  • 7 January – 15 January
  • 4 February – 12 February
  • 1 April – 9 April
  • 6 May – 14 May
  • 3 June – 12 June
  • 1 July – 9 July
  • 5 August – 13 August
  • 2 September – 10 September
  • 30 September – 8 October
  • 28 October – 5 November
  • 25 November –  3 December



Airport Pickup (including 20 minutes waiting time after arrival of the aircraft, short-term parking and tip)

Aeropuerto El Dorado, Bogotá, Colombia: US $50

Any airport pickup requires upfront payment. Prices may be subject to change without notice. Please confirm pricing before booking.

Complimentary Language Classes

Upon request, the center in Bogota offers you to learn Spanish (2 x 40 min/week) during your TEFL certification training.

Teaching Internship

We offer our TEFL graduates the possibility of a non-paid teaching internship of 1 – 3 months. You can either work in an institution as a Teacher’s Aid or you can choose to shadow a TEFL trainer as a Teacher’s Assistant. As a Teacher’s Aid you will work in a school or high school and learn the intricate work of a school teacher and all that comes with it. As a Teacher’s Assistant you will improve your academic background while you polish your own skills as a TEFL Trainer.

Colombia At-A-Glance

Capital: Bogotá

Major cities: Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena de Indias, Santa Marta

Official language: Spanish

Currency: Colombian Peso (COP = $)

Cost of living: Depending on area where you live; with a salary of $2MM COP/month, you can have a comfortable life style any of the aforementioned cities; however, the biggest variable is accommodation because the sizes of apartments vary quite a lot between cities and what costs $500K COP in Barranquilla may cost $1 MM COP in Bogotá. The most expensive cities in Colombia are Bogotá and Medellin.

Available English-teaching jobs: Language schools, companies, universities, private classes, traditional schools

Average working hours per week: 48 hours (full time)

Housing included: No

Airfare included: No

Visa included: No

The Magic of Bogotá

Bogotá is a vibrant city, full of fascinating attractions, with picturesque old neighborhoods, beautiful buildings and public squares surrounded by greenery, a combination that makes evident the all evolving nature of the city and the many epochs it has seen.



Through its streets you can see both splendid facades of colonial architecture, and modern skyscrapers. Bogotá boasts of being a cultural gem, both for Colombia and for all of Latin America, which is confirmed by its large number of museums and its incessant intellectual activity.

Our TEFL students will have the opportunity to explore the different sights and attractions the city has to offer. Besides being a cultural hub for Latin America, Bogotá is also known for its night life, with many places catering to different publics.

Among the most interesting places to visit while you get your TEFL certificate in Bogotá, you can find:

Barrio La Candelaria, cultural heart of the city

La Candelaria was one of the first settlements in the city, where the Plaza Mayor de Santafé de Bogotá was built almost five hundred years ago. Its colonial architecture has been kept almost intact over the years, so you will see beautiful old houses, carved wooden gates, wrought iron balconies and paved alleys meticulously maintained to this day.

Museum of Botero

The largest collection of paintings and sculptures of the award-winning plastic artist Fernando Botero, a proudly Colombian character whose pieces are famous for the robust figures represented in them. This collection is composed of 123 of his works, as well as a private collection with works by Picasso, Dalí, Matisse, Monet, Renoir and Chagall.

Tequendama Falls

This famous waterfall is a beautiful natural attraction located just 30 kilometers from the historic center of Bogotá. It occurs after the Bogotá River crosses the center of the country and reaches this wooded area, with water dropping from a height of 157 meters.

The Weather in Bogotá

Because of its high altitude, Bogotá has a cold mountain climate; due to its low latitude it has a low thermal oscillation throughout the year. The temperatures regularly oscillate between 6 and 22°C, with an annual average of 14°C.

Due to its location near the Equator, it has only two seasons: rain and drought, rainfall is abundant from March to May and from October to November. Our TEFL students should always be prepared for rain, and carry an umbrella or a raincoat to avoid getting drenched.

In contrast, the driest seasons of the year are from January to February and from July to August. Fog is common: there are 220 foggy days per year. Hail fall is not a strange occurrence for the inhabitants of the city.

We advise the participants in our TEFL program to always be prepared for rain, because even though the temperatures are not extreme the weather can change suddenly and as you will learn from the inhabitants of the city, Bogotá is known for the sudden rains.



Regarding clothes, if you come from a warm country, it’s best if you wear sweaters and scarves to keep your core temperature. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated and if possible, carry a bottle of water with you, especially during the first days of your stay. Since Bogotá is a high altitude location, your body can react against the change of altitude and pressure. Keeping warm and hydrated will help you get used to these changes and overcome symptoms.


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