TEFL in Bandar Abbas, Kish & Qeshm (Iran)

TEFL / TESOL in Bandar Abbas

We are a group of three language institutes covering all levels for EFL learners. Our two adult-dedicated language centres are playing a significant role in teaching English as a foreign language for more than a decade. Many of our EFL students have now been graduated, ultimately been trained and now teaching either within this group or other institutes across the country.

Our EFL centres are quite well-organized, knowledge-based and experienced for almost 15 years providing EFL learning and teacher education. Having all the required assets, we have developed our team and prepared to internationally have potential teachers qualified in the region.

Our Centres  are fully equipped with internationally accepted technologies and located at the heart of Bandar Abbas. We offer TESOL/TEFL Certification as combined / on-line and on-site training solutions. This international certificate is issued and accredited by ITTI (International TEFL Training Institute) based in New York.

120-Hour On-site TESOL/TEFL Certification

(100% on-site training)

Course Fee: $900

Deposit: $450 (upon registration)
Balance payment: $450 due seven (7) business days before the first course day
Certificate fee due at the center: $60

Course dates in 2018

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120-Hour Combined TESOL/TEFL Certification

 (75% on-line, 25% on-site Teaching Practice)

Course fee: $900

Deposit: $450 (upon registration)
Balance payment: $450 due seven (7) business days before the first course day
Certificate fee due at the center: $60

 2018 Teaching Practice Dates:

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The number of university graduates has been remarkably increasing in Iran, and there are three universities in Bandar Abbas offering TEFL courses.   Also, the international universities campuses in Qeshm and Kish Islands are offering courses in TEFL at the master’s and PHD levels. This is in addition to hundreds of private EFL schools and institutions–all active in the city from which numbers of graduates annually look for teaching positions. The increasing demand to learn English for different purposes such as personal, academic, immigration and business could not be neglected, and there have always been lots of opportunities in this region of the country.

Bandar Abbas which is located in the southern coast of Iran, on the Persian Gulf has a strategic position in the country. Kish and Qeshm islands also are two large islands located in the same region and both are economically and strategically play important roles in Iran and both are free zone which are open to lots of foreign investors and there are numbers of international universities from Iran and other countries. Due to the serious needs of international communications, there are TEFL courses offered by some universities in Bandar Abbas and the two mentioned islands and numbers of graduates every year who are eager to start teaching either in the country or overseas.



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