South Korea: Teaching English Requirements

Teach English in South KoreaA number of TEFL graduates from the four-week, on-site TEFL certification would like to teach English in South Korea.  The South Korean government wants every TEFL teacher to possess excellent English skills, a B.A. in any field and a 120-Hour TEFL Certificate with Teaching Practicum.  These are prerequisites for obtaining a work visa in South Korea.

Can individuals without a B.A. teach English in South Korea?   If you are a South Korean citizen, you may apply to schools and offer your English teaching services.  Obviously, as you don’t have a B.A., schools might pay you somewhat less for teaching English.  You may, however, be able to find a TEFL job because you don’t need a work visa.  As a citizen or, at least with a residence permit, the government won’t check your credentials.  With excellent English skills and a four-week, on-site TEFL training with teaching practicum, doors to a TEFL teacher position may open for you in South Korea.

So what about if you are a citizen of an English-speaking country?   You need a work visa for the country.  Without a B.A., this isn’t going to happen for you.   Thinking about it is stressful.   A B.A. is a major financial investment.  Is there a way to quickly get a B.A.?  Yes, there is.   There is an on-line university out there designed to accommodate those who cannot afford to pay for higher education.  College professors of famous schools have come together to form the University of the People:  Their goal is to enable access to good education for everyone.  This university is fully accredited in the United States, and the transfer credits are even accepted by such Ivy-League schools as Columbia University in New York City.

Study towards your B.A. almost free of charge and take an on-site TEFL program with teaching practicum.  While you are studying to complete  your degree on line, you may teach English in countries that accept English teachers without a college degree, based only on excellent English skills and a high school diploma.  These countries include, but are not limited to, Cambodia, some South American countries, and countries on the African continent.   With some extra effort, you will be well on your way to a profitable English teaching job with a good salary/benefit package in a South Korean school, once you have completed your degree on line.

April 14, 2018

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