Become a TEFL Trainer

As a global TEFL training organization, we are sometimes in need of TEFL trainers, individuals with excellent knowledge about English and the methodology to teach it.

The ideal candidate would possess an MA TESOL and several years of proven English -teaching experience.

Our programs run four weeks at a time, 30 hours a week. As a TEFL trainer, you have to be able to follow a preset teaching schedule and conduct the classes as per specified outline.

In addition to teaching the TEFL course, you have to engage in some record-keeping, talk to occasional visitors and keep steady contact with the global headquarter.

If you feel that teaching individuals how to teach English and help them find a school after the training would be something you like to do, we encourage you to complete below questionnaire and forward your resume/CV.

Active job opening: London, UK, for 2018

Course dates:
  •  starting with the program of 5 March – 28 March 2018

Active job opening: Hanoi, Vietnam, for 2018

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