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Our school is accommodated in an ultramodern building downtown Tampa. From a receptionist to modern rooms, elevators, coffee/tea kitchen—the building has it all. The EFL students come to the center to be taught.



In general, there is huge demand for TEFL teachers here, but the market is competitive. Main TEFL regions are all major cities – particularly New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Miami. Teaching jobs are available through private English institutes in the fields of General English, Business English, TOEFL and ECCE. There is also work available through university language programs: General English, TOEFL, and English for Specific Purposes. Due to the large amount of immigrants, Migrant English Programs teach General English, TOEFL and English for Specific Purposes.

Benefits such as accommodation support or flight reimbursement are unheard of in the U.S. You will have to organize your own apartment, which can be very expensive in the big cities. For example, a one-bedroom place in San Francisco will cost around $1000 per month! U.S. teachers get around this by sharing apartments.

The compensation rate for ESL/EFL teachers in the U.S. is $15-40 per hour. Newly qualified teachers shouldn’t accept less than US $18 per hour.

Novice teachers will pay about 13% of their wages as tax, at the higher end of the salary range, it’ll be more like 17%. The cost of living is high, but cheaper than much of Western Europe. A beer in a bar will cost about $5, a cheap fast food meal is about $6, while a loaf of bread is about $1.50 (at ALDI) and $4.00 at most U.S.-owned supermarkets..

You’re unlikely to save any money unless you’re well-qualified and thus well-paid, or you’re able to get free accommodation (e.g. living at your parents’ house if you’re hail from the US).



The City of Tampa is the largest city in Hillsborough County, is the county seat and is the third most populous city in Florida. It is located on the west coast of Florida, approximately 200 miles northwest of Miami, 180 southwest of Jacksonville, and 20 miles northeast of St. Petersburg. The population of the city represents approximately one-third of the total population of Hillsborough County. Tampa’s economy is founded on a diverse base that includes tourism, agriculture, construction, finance, health care, government, technology, and the port of Tampa. Contributing to the success of our community is the way businesses, City government and citizens work together to make Tampa a better place to live.

​ The Gulf Coast area in and around Tampa, which includes Clearwater, Sand Key, Treasure Island, and St. Pete Beach, is fortunate to possess some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. It is no small wonder that several of them end up on the “best beaches” list year after year. The combination of wide, snow white sand and azure water draws sun worshipers in droves and makes the Gulf Coast a favorite among Florida destinations.

Tampa’s theme parks invite you to explore an exotic world of wildlife and water parks. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is the ultimate family adventure park offering a wide range of attractions that encourage guests to delve into culture and wildlife from around the world.

Besides water parks, Tampa combines modern and historic sites in a unique way. The city’s museums tell of times when the Seminole Indians governed the region, about the settlers who battled the Indians to take over the land to our days when Tampa presents itself as a modern city. In short, whatever it is you are looking for, Tampa has it.



Tampa has a humid, subtropical climate. As so typical of much of Florida, there are two seasons there, the hot, wet season (late May through October) and the warm, dry season (November through April).

​ During the hot season (summer), average daytime highs are in the 80’s and low 90’s (26 to 33°C) and average night-time lows are near 70°F (21°C) in Tampa. A large amount of the yearly rainfall in Tampa falls during this time of year. Fall and spring are considered near perfect weather-wise, warm and sunny, with daily highs in the 75 to 80° F (21 to 24°C) range and overnight lows in the 50’s to low 60’s (10 to 17°C). During the warm, dry season (winter), Tampa has mostly mild, sunny weather–typical of cities on the Florida peninsula. The coolest months are from December through February, average daytime highs range from 65 to 70°F (18 to 21°C) and nighttime lows are near 50° F (10°C). Occasional cold fronts often drop the daytime temperatures into the 50’s° F with nights in the 30’s° F a few times each month.


 120-Hour On-Site TEFL Certification

Total course fee: US $2,000

Deposit: US $500 (upon registration)

Balance payment: US $1,500 (due five business days before the first day of the course)

2015 2016
  • 5 January – 30 January
  • 2 February – 27 February
  • 2 March – 27 March
  • 6 April – 1 May
  • 4 May – 29 May
  • 1 June – 26 June
  • 29 June – 24 July
  • 3 August – 28 August
  • 31 August – 25 September
  • 28 September – 23 October
  • 26 October – 20 November
  • 23 November – 18 December
  • 4 January – 29 January
  • 1 February – 26 February
  • 29 February – 25 March
  • 4 April – 29 April
  • 2 May – 27 May
  • 30 May – 24 June
  • 27 June – 22 July
  • 1 August – 26 August
  • 29 August – 23 September
  • 26 September – 21 October
  • 24 October – 18 November
  • 21 November – 16 December

120-Hour Combined TEFL Certification

Total course fee: US $1,800

Deposit: US $600 (upon registration)

Balance payment: US $1,200 (due five business days before the first day of teaching practice)

Course fee covers tuition, certificate and moderation.

2015 2016
  • 5 January – 13 January
  • 2 February – 10 February
  • 2 March – 10 March
  • 6 April – 14 April
  • 4 May – 12 May
  • 1 June – 9 June
  • 29 June – 7 July
  • 3 August – 11 August
  • 31 August – 8 September
  • 28 September – 6 October
  • 26 October – 3 November
  • 23 November – 1 December
  • 4 January – 12 January
  • 1 February – 9 February
  • 29 February – 8 March
  • 4 April – 12 April
  • 2 May – 10 May
  • 30 May – 7 June
  • 27 June – 5 July
  • 1 August – 9 August
  • 29 August – 6 September
  • 26 September – 4 October
  • 24 October – 1 November
  • 21 November – 29 November

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